Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Measure of a Man

Guest piece by my friend Kenneth McGrath, continuing with more poignant poetry.

I found the moving, hollow place
Within my fragile soul
The missing piece of masculine
Whose measure was untold

Beneath the surface part of me
Behind the masks I wear
It carried whispers to my ear
That roared like silent stare

I asked the depths of what it was
Inform me - I am here
But nothing answered audibly
That answer was sincere

I lost the sadness of my youth
When questions led to truth
The missing-ness had missed the point
Of a wakeful dreamer's sleuth

Beneath the surface waters still
Behind the waves that crash
Like oceanic tapestries
The mystery depths did splash

This is but one of many many other poems by my friend Ken.  Check them out here!

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