Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Shipping Review: Bedrocan vs. MedReleaf

Last week I received my first order of medical cannabis from Medreleaf out of Markham, Ontario. My previous and first licensed producer was bedrocan out of Toronto.  The switch was quite easy .  I became legal with the help of a cannabis clinic called Canna Connect, and both Medreleaf and Bedrocan are sponsors of that clinic.  All I had to do was email head office and request the change, and it was taken care of for me.

One of the main issues I have with this mail-order medicine program is security.  How do these LP's ensure that your medicine is secure while it's being shipped to you?  Is the packaging discreet?  Is the packaging scent-proof?  Is the sender info visual?  How durable is the packaging?  And finally, how durable are the actual bottles that the cannabis comes in?  These are all valid questions and I'd like to compare these two LP's in hopes of finding best practices for future shipments across the board.


Bedrocan:  boxes were in a thick Canada Post shipping bag, so there were no visual indicators as to what was inside.

MedReleaf:  packaged in a sturdy, generic-looking cardboard box, so there were also no visual indicators as to what was inside.


Bedrocan:  the first time I picked up my Bedrocan order and jumped in the car, my hubby could smell the Cannabis through the plastic jars with foil seal, heavy stock paper boxes, and the shipping bag over top.

MedReleaf:  today's order from MedReleaf had no odor whatsoever.

Sender Info:

Bedrocan:  the shipping label clearly reads "Canopy" and anyone with access to google can learn who that is.  Canopy Growth Corp, formerly known as Tweed is a sister company to Bedrocan.  That is not very discreet.

MedReleaf: P.O. Box # as the return label.

Package Durability:

Bedrocan:  lovely aesthetically-pleasing heavy stock paper boxes, with little to no durability.  Many times in the five orders I received, there was a lot of room for the jars to knock together.  This resulted in a lot of shake in the bottom of the jars.  It wouldn't be difficult to crush the bottles within if the package were to fall off a cart in the sorting station and were run over.

MedReleaf:  jars were inside a clear, thick plastic bag, inside a heavy durable card-board box surrounded by large sized bubble wrap to avoid any movement.  That box had security tape around all openings.  It would be very difficult to crush the bottles within.

Security of Bottles:

Bedrocan:  Plastic #1 bottles with a foil seal and a child-proof lid.

MedReleaf:  Plastic #5 bottles with no inside seal but with plastic seal wrap around edges, and
a child-proof lid.

All-in-all, I'm blown away by the superior shipping quality of MedReleaf vs. Bedrocan.  It seems that looks are more important to Bedrocan than durability.  I can tell you from a patient's view, I don't much care what the box looks like, as long as it's recyclable.  I get that marketing is important, but getting the product to us and into our vaporizers, crock pots, or doobies should really be everyone's first priority.


UPDATE:   Since the writing of this blog, bedrocan has started shipping in the identical 'Uniline' box as MedReleaf and they now only state "47 Upton Rd., Scarborough ON". They have also improved the seals on their bottles as I assume mine wasn't the only order to smell. So good on them.  I'm just comparing in hopes of best practices in this program.  Many many boxes have gone missing in sorting stations and on delivery routes. So far, the LP's have been good to cover the loss. But even "47 upton rd" isn't unknown to someone in the know.