Thursday, 21 July 2022

Why I Said NO To the C19 Jaberoonie


I said no because my experiences with pharmaceuticals was not positive.

I said no because the Doctor who convinced me to take the pharmaceuticals did so by telling me about hollywood stars who also took them.

I said no because he said keep taking them, they'll work eventually.

I said no because eventually never came but still I was directed to continue taking them.

I said no because when, years later I decided to stop taking them, I experienced insane brain zaps n' zingers of withdrawal.

I said no because my family Doctor pushed meds on me that addicted me and made it incredibly difficult to stop taking them once dependency built.

I said no because none of this was for my good.

I said no because I researched and they too had insanely ineffective studies done on them.

I said no because after oh so many scripts and cocktails of pills they said would turn my frown upside down, none did.

I said no because over and over and over again I've found that the plants, herbs, and flowers that our Doctors tell us don't have medicinal value are really all I ever needed --- now or then.

I say no now, because I see clearly what this is and what this was.

I say no now, because I KNEW THIS WAS COMING as so many of us did.

I say no because I choose me over familial objections, over societal marginalization, over ostracization, over lack of anything.

I say no more.

I decide how I treat the ills my body experiences.

No more need be said.

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