Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Search For Crystals

I've been feeling off lately, you may have read it in my words.  What I've learned from my mental illness is that the absolutely worst thing I can do, is surrender to it.  Though surrender beckons me as sweetly as a chocolate-covered Siren some days.  I've learned you must move forward trying one by one the immeasurable therapies that the Spirit, science, and our history have left for us to discover.

I decided I needed some Crystal Therapy.

Now I've read quite a lot about crystals.  As a child I always had my head down, eyes catching the glimmer of something magical from the Earth's core.  I even wrote about them in an article called "Increase Your Functional Energy: Tips and Tricks".  But I never really felt their power. I kind of feel like a child who has just now grasped the magnitude of rocks, crystals, gems.  These are Mother Nature's crafts, her handiwork, her gifts to us.  These are pieces of carbon that have been pressed and condensed and formed over millions and millions of years.  The Earth's elements and microorganisms  find a way in there too, adding colour and texture and yes healing abilities.  They hold energy.  They hold healing power.

To my happy wonder, this search lasted a mere week.  I put my feelers out to my friend circle and asked where to buy large quartz crystals.  A friend suggested I go to the Flint and Feather Trading Post on the Tyendinega Mohawk Reserve.  So we packed up the pooch and took a wee road trip.

Upon arrival and with an iron will to resist the urge to stroll, I quickly began seeking stones.  To be honest, my will wavered a few times and I was really impressed with how genuine each piece of Native culture was.  Even the lady who worked there was genuine.  Speaking of which, have you ever met a stranger that felt like a friend?  It seems my timing was on when I decided to visit the store when we did, because the lady working yesterday was nothing short of a gem.  Pun intended :)

So when you go there~ and I recommend that you do~ you'll see a large wooden display box mid store full of small shiny finished stones.  There are little glass display windows around the edge to show you what each stone is.  Clever carpentry.  I personally adopted six healing stones from this display alone.  Four Agates, one Moss Agate, and one Amethyst.

But the real magic was displayed near the main counter under glass.  A fittingly safe area for little conductors of healing energy.  My new friend, who's name I'm disappointed I did not ask, was there to help me.  I simply told her that I was looking for crystals, and I immediately felt her full attention on me.  "Do you know what kind of crystals you want?" she asked.  I proceeded to explain my hopeful publishing attempts and that I needed help focusing.

Well ... out came the bible.  "The Crystal Bible" that is.  Volume 2 of 3 to be exact.  My new friend credits her own knowledge of healing crystals and gems to this book and it's author Judy Hall.  Check out that link for loads of valuable info on healing crystals and stones.  I could fill an entire post on which stones do what, but this post is only about my stones :)  I've had them now mere days and I feel somewhat protective of them now.  I'll simply tell you each stone's abilities as it pertains to my current needs.

My Agates:  *focus, self-acceptance, self-expression, strengthen resolve, decisiveness

Citrine: *increase stamina, balance hormones, depression, inspires creativity,
Rose Quartz: *calms emotions, aids acceptance of change, restores hope.

Quartz:  *stimulates positive thoughts, master healer, clear thinking.  The wee super-clear ones were gifted to me all the way from Alabama from a fb friend named Mike.  Gifted Crystals and stones are especially precious to me.

Amethyst:  *creativity, aids sleep, slows anger, increases positivity.
Peacock Ore:  *stimulates insight, creativity, and self-esteem, removes negative energy. This unique and powerful beauty was gifted to me all the way from British Columbia from a sister and kindred friend named Angele.

The beauty of this crystal adoption trip ~as one does not own or buy crystals ~we only adopt them, was the amount of knowledge I attained in such a short amount of time.  Each time that I decided on a crystal, she would point and say "you must choose it yourself, I cannot choose for you".  As a child I never felt a pull of choice the way I did that day.  Each crystal I chose is perfect to me.  The next very crucial instruction was the necessity to cleanse my crystals of their absorbed energies.  This can be done in a weak sea salt water bath for an hour or up to 24 hours.  This is something that should be repeated with use and when others touch them.  These beauteous conductors of energy also absorb it~ the good and the bad.  You want your crystals to be free of all other energy when you start working with them.

So here's the thing.  It's been almost a week since I adopted my crystals and started working with them and wearing them.  I swear to Goddess I feel different.  I haven't had acid reflux throughout the night since I started sleeping with my Amethyst in my pillowcase.  In fact, Saturday night at work I felt like I was on some kind of speed!  I had a Quartz in my cleavage, my Citrine on the right hand side and my Moss Agate on the left hand side.  I felt energized my entire shift.

I also sleep with my Rose Quartz by the bed and haven't remembered any bad dreams.  And to top all of this off, something magical happened in one of my dreams the second night after the adoption.  I flew in my dream.  This is something that I used to do a lot about ten years ago.  If you look into the meaning of this, it is quite profound.  Could my crystals have removed the weighted emotional energies that have blocked this ability in my subconscious?

Y'know ... I suppose I could just take a pill for my reflux and an energy drink at work.  But this subject ain't got no more time for super sterile sillyness.  We're gettin' back to nature baby!!

Thanks to new friends ... it was easier than I thought :)