Saturday 11 March 2017

Cannabis Chit-Chattin' on Amherst Island

After years and years as the couch activist, I'm fightin' the lock and lifting up and out and on the town.  I'm puttin' myself out there with no fears or cares.  At least none that I'll admit to myself.  In this, I'm making friends, connections, sharing knowledge, giving power and hope to others.

A few weeks ago I tweeted about getting legal in my city and a local radio station CJAI 92.1 FM liked that tweet.  So I took that as a break in the ice ... ice that I'm learning is always thinner than we think it is.  I suggested we hook up for a chit chat show about Cannabis.  From there, plans were made and here we are.  Have a listen here.

From the Ferry dock to the barn was a punishing walk as the wind chill tried its best to hold us back. The barn is the studio now, a fitting retrofit for this ultra-rural speck of dirt just off the edge of our great Lake O.  This was my first ever radio chat so I was nervous at first, no doubt about it.  But the host Eric made me feel right at home.

As it turns out, I like to talk Pot.  I have a Cannabis confirmation bias where I see its potential everywhere.  For instance, that speck of dirt called Amherst Island would make a wonderful rural area for Cannabis to be grown.  I know for a fact that there are serious organic farmers over there growing heirloom wheat like Ref Fife, who would appreciate the incredible growing power that lives within this plant and all of its many strains and sub-species.

As Eric explained, I'm in a position now to see many sides to this situation.  I'm a legal medical Cannabis user who manages my depression with Cannabinoids alone.  I buy my medicine through the mail now.  But I also work in the industry helping other patients get legal to possess and use this new and exciting medicine.  For years I've been telling anyone who will listen about Cannabis.  It's a bit of an inside joke that people now come to me to hear it, rather than me just bombarding them with info they didn't necessarily ask for :-)

The clinic I work for has many locations and each one is here to help you learn.  Canadian Cannabis Clinics evolves with the laws and the regulations so we're able to keep you informed at all times. Every day I get emotional listening to success stories and every day I'm told to do what's in the best interest of the patient.  Working inside that sentiment every single day feeds my desire to scream it from the roof tops even more!

And, of course it wouldn't have been a radio show without some awesome music.  Here are five of my faves from the requests we received.  Some I hadn't even heard before:

"Hits from the Bong"-Cypress Hill

"I got stoned and I missed it" -Dr. Hook

"Smoke Two Joints"-Sublime

"Roll Another Joint"-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

"Legalize Marijuana"-Peter Tosh

I'm hoping to hit the show with more Canna-chat news and info in the spring.  See you then!

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