Thursday 16 February 2017

Stop Visually Profiling Your Cannabis!

To trim or not to trim;  that is the question.

And if you trim, how close do you trim?  Do you leave a little leaf like a fringe on a skirt?
Or do you trim only for the full bud experience?  My friend's hubby has no use for trimming.  He's a 'trim before ya grind kinda guy' and I say, why not?  No need for mix!


Cannabis users all over the world have been judging their ganga by looks for years.  I've even heard some people tell me they can decipher the strain just by looks.  I giggle to myself each and every time I hear that.  Truth is, a good trimmer can take four buds from the same plant and trim them so differently, you'd swear they were different strains.

As it stands today, there are likely 1000's of different strains of Cannabis and more being bred as I type.  And of course there are similarities.  I mean, they don't call it purple for no good reason.  The problem however, is that we do indeed ingest with our eyes first.

The culinary industry uses this fact every single day.  Presentation is everything!  Chefs believe very strongly that when you make a judgement on a dish based on looks, it definitely affects how you will perceive the taste.  The same thing is happening with our Cannabis.  Magazines and books only show the cream of the crop and we have new users believing that anything less than sparkly white coated nugs is inferior.  This could not be further from the truth.  I've ingested some pretty shabby lookin' buds and made friends with them quickly.  Looks mean nothing and the idea that you can visually profile a strain before you even touch, taste, or smell it is a fallacy in my opinion.

Much of our legal Cannabis is getting visually profiled.  Patients open up the bottle--a new experience for many who are used to the z!ploc entry method--and immediately make a judgement. Those poor little buds have had a long trip!  Let them freshen' up a bit!  They were jostling around in their plastic jars for hours trying to get to you, the least you can do is try them!  But no, some judge by looks and deem them of lesser value.  Even after ingesting, those bad looks remain in their memory effecting their opinion of the strain and the hand that grew it.

The term "hand-trimmed" is a seal of quality not all offer anymore.  I've had buds that were each carefully manicured by a human, and I've had buds that looked like hard green moon rocks.  Hand-trimmed vs. machine-trimmed.  The truth comes out in the grind every time.  We have to remember that these are flowers and flowers differ vastly sometimes.  If you open your order of Cannabis and don't recognize the flower inside, don't panic!  It may never look like the one in the magazine but that is no reason to shun it.  Grind it, vape it, smoke it!  Experience your receptors' reaction to it.  Feel the aroma-therapeutic action of the terpenes opening you up and motivating your thoughts.  You may find that the ugliest duckling fits your system best.  And you'll never know, unless you try.

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” ― Leo Tolstoy