Wednesday 24 March 2021

The Devil In the Planning


**WARNING:  You may not agree with my words but I hope you agree with my right, need, & the benefit of saying them aloud ✌❤

Pregnancy usually doesn't have a definite finish line unless you're getting a cesarean.  I've heard about those .... you set a date & bam, miraculously the birth happens that day.

I believe the very same thing to have occurred with the countrywide movements from green to yellow to red.

They have it planned out friends.

What if the day they slide YOUR community back into the MENTAL HEALTH HELL we know as Lockdown, was just the day they decided it would be many years ago??

Planning takes time.

World domination takes time.

So many mouths seeiing themselves deserving. 

Throw a lil shame on that fire.  Simmer that pride down a bit.

Fear fear fear.

Changing all the norms.

All those things we were told to do to keep ourselves healthy are now said to have no effect.

If you believe that, we can still be friends but we must come to an agreement.

You don't shame me;  I don't shame you.

There are PLENTY of Medical Professionals telling us to dig in.  Some are well known, world renowned researchers!!!!

Has anyone else cried watching the old man in the chair crying?

His name is Dr. Vernon Coleman and before covid he was covered with the utmost respect.

Now that he disagrees, he's being torn down & all his years of medicine with him.

Step out of that fear my friends.


Monday 22 March 2021

An Ode to Anyone Angling to Stop Home Cannabis Cultivation


May your stocks dwindle,

May your flowers fade.

May your greed dry up, 

All the plans that you've made.

We'll grow our own --ready to fight,

Step aside while we reclaim this right!

Horticulture is in our DNA 🌿

#gyo #C45

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Why Don't Canadian Police Protect Women?


Aside from my work in the realm of social media, I also post on topics that I'm passionate about.

Right now, I'm in a group of people who share personal testimonials from female Law Enforcement who have been harassed or abused while on the job as military members, RCMP or Police.

Like this one from a Canadian Police Officer:

"When police services, who are supposed to be protecting women against violence in all forms, use NDAs to silence sexual violence/abuse within their own house ... we have an obligation to warn the public that Police are posing a risk to women everywhere! We became cops, not fkn puppets!"

We must stop pretending that Police are here to protect women.  They don't even protect their own.

Dear parents & loved ones of girls ... teach them that not all Police are here to serve or protect them.

Teach our girls to use critical thinking, to listen to their gut and to always have an escape plan so they don't have to call on Police for assistance.  History is showing us that no good can come of that.

Vocalize--It Does a Body GOOD!


We are so self critical that we prejudge our words, keeping them inside where they can help absolutely no one.

Numerous times lately I have shared my views or ideas, believing they were fluff only to have them applauded and amplified.

Mind blown 

Don't judge your words.  They do no good if left unsaid.

Whether it's a "what if", a "do you think" or a "imagine if" .... maybe it's a "I'm sorry", or a "I've been thinking" or a "Could we?".

Did you know words stuck inside can cause ulcers?  They can change, transmute, evolve into something more powerful.

What if words are aerobic?  

Don't hold them in--give them air, give them volume, give them credence.

Then get ready to evolve that thought for good.

You rock k?

Tuesday 16 March 2021

The Sarah Everard Case Proves That More Cops Won’t Make Women Safer

Certain people in my life have been bitter with my lack of faith in law enforcement.

In those moments they wanted me to consider how my words would effect those younger than I.

The funny part of it is, that's exactly why & for whom I say this.

You cannot trust Police. Period.

Police & Law Enforcement won't even protect FEMALE COWORKERS let alone civilians!!!!!

I say, "Don't trust Police" to counter the "Serve & Protect" bullshit.

If in the end, those younger than I in earshot use this knowledge to protect themselves then my work here is done. 

But someone has to tell them that not all humans are created equally & it's up to each one of us to protect ourselves in the end.

The female deaths at the hands of police are now piling up.

My words cannot be denied.

Refusal to Mask-Up: WHY?



People don't understand why others don't want to wear a mask.

Unfortunately having a hand over your mouth during a time of stress, panic, or fear has created a form of PTSD that the mask emulates.

Further comment & discussion welcome.

Note to Self: No Twitter Tomorrow!


Every night I go to bed thinking I'll do better tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll use it less. Tomorrow I'll avoid it completely. It's like I'm an addict and I feel shamefully gutted after using too much twitter each day.

I use twitter the way I assume a gambling addict just mindlessly spins the wheel. Each spin gives varying degrees of dopamine rush in the brain. Rush for the happy posts; bigger rush for the polarizing posts. For those chasing the rush, it's the epitome of any attention is good attention. And I don't mean to blame it all on twitter. It only starts there; finishes in dozens of open tabs and a lagging lappy.

But tomorrow I'll do better.

I'll remove the icons from my phone. Triggers there be gone. 

I'll leave myself a morning note reminder. Habits be broken now.

If I can just avoid it altogether, I think I'll be okay. I just can't start, can't take that first peek. Just like any other substance of addiction, one moment of twitter is too many; a million not enough.

Monday 15 March 2021

Alternative Thoughts on the Cancel Culture


To me, some of the biggest drumming for distraction is this whole boo hoo cancel culture thing.

I couldn't care less if the future children don't get to read the cancelled books.  Successful adults abound who were not read Dr. Seuss books.

But while we bitch about his, children are being stolen and sold.

I wish we could take our pain for the cancel culture and put it to the opioid epidemic, poverty, homelessness.

Can we cancel culture rape, harassment, financial disparity?

They're doing this so you don't see them do that.

What is that?  Who effin knows but you can be damn sure it's more important than any book.

Btw,,,, you can still buy and read those books, Aunt J's syrup is still super sweet, Uncle B still provides sub par rice.

Personally, I welcome most of this.

Evolution leaves some DoDo's behind after all.

Thursday 4 March 2021

Anonymous Survey on Cannabis Use During Pregnancy


One of the most outstanding effects of Cannabis is its ability to quell nausea. Because of this, it is the first line of defense against losing your cookies for hungover peeps everywhere. Cannabis is also used during other times where nausea occurs such as after some medications and of course, nausea that occurs with many pregnancies.

Research definitely exists here most notably, The Jamaica Study by Dr. MC Dreher. However, with legality and lack of education it's been difficult to do such a study in North America. 

"We are asking you to take part in a research study because we are trying to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on currently or previously pregnant and breastfeeding women who use cannabis to manage health."