Tuesday 31 August 2021

Go Psil*cybin !!! Canada Only

Hey friends!  As you know I'm into the plant medicine & that includes magic mushrooms aka psilocybin. It's helped my depression, anxiety, mood, and eyesight among other things. 

The company out of BC that I've trusted for 3 years has offered me an affiliate code. This is the same company that (while under a different name) gifted me over $200 worth of various microdose caplets that I then gifted to others. Just one or two microdoses can make a difference. 

As ever, I'm here to help with everything to do with this including what to choose. There are other interesting products there that I might also know more about :)

But more importantly, I'm here to assist and guide you in planning your psychedelic sessions. In fact, I insist that you plan because the energy you put into that can make a huge difference.  For instance, intention, music, unique activities that you rarely do are a must. The activities you choose 'should' create different connections in your brain. Even better, choose activities that you might have done as a child to latch onto past connections as well!

Please, pleeeeeease feel no pressure. I realize this is risky but I also realize that people are hurting and I can help so I must. Below is the affiliate link and another extremely useful site to further your understanding of the magic in these fungi. To see just how close Canada is to legalizing these mushrooms, search and follow Therapsil on all platforms or their own site. 

Anyhoo, I love yoU!

👉  http://affiliates.northernmyco.com/193293/14230

👉  The Third Wave Site Section on Psilocybin 

Monday 30 August 2021

Contact CBC To Demand ALL Parties Join Debates!


Hey Canadian friends!  

I'm tired of the Red, Blue, Orange, Green swamp-water politics Canada has had to survive my whole life.

I'm considering voting for Peoples Party of Canada but the PPC Leader isn't being allowed to speak alongside the other party leaders.

I'm reaching out to CBC to tell them I want Bernier included in all political debates.




#elxn44 #cdnpoli #PPC #Freedom #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere 

This is the form. My message was short and to the point.  Feel free to use it as a template:

""I demand that Maxime Bernier of the PPC be included in all political debates.

I'm voting PPC and feel it's utter disrespect and an obvious ethics slip to NOT include all representatives."


Tuesday 10 August 2021

Let's Stop Thinking Informed Consent Is the Norm


28 ish years ago I was given my first antidepressant script.

This started me on a path of numerous cocktails to turn that frown upside down.  The one pill was known to help control the appetite so my pill-pushing arsewipe of a Dr told me I could up it if I wanted that effect --- but not too much or I might have a seizure.

Mmmm hmmmm because when I was hopelessly depressed, I really gave a shit about how fat or thin I was.  Know your audience bro!

I was on 4 different scripts in about 35 years & built a dependence for each very quickly.

By dependence I mean addiction where if I missed a dose, I'd literally have brain zaps, nausea, dizzyness.

Today we're being told that this thing they want us to accept is safe.


But I ask you, where was the informed consent 28ish years ago when I was first prescribed that dependency-building antidepressant?

It's funny how we cry about being treated badly but when you look right at it, this is status quo for capitalism in healthcare.

You do you.

I may not agree with the choices you make but I will fight to the death for your right to choose! 


Sunday 8 August 2021

Probing the Origins of the Cross


Y'know ... I now see how phrases in songs are clues undoubtedly from soul entities who want us to see that this is an illusion. (AKA those we label Aliens)

Now that I'm reading the lawofone dot info, I recognize this in all types of song genres.

For instance, what does she mean by "And a cross from a faith that died before Jesus came" ???

I've had issues with that cross for my entire life.  At 9ish I insisted that the Priest bless my new gold cross. I remember being totally unimpressed that neither the cross nor I felt any different after that blessing.  At times I've wondered if the crucifixion even took place at all but I am assured that it did.

Here's my issue ... why applaud the symbol of the thing that killed your prophet?  Je ne comprend.  Feels like shaving heads to support cancer when hair loss is a side effect from toxic medications we're hypnotized into believing are how we treat cancer, NOT from the cancer itself.  I mean, so we're applauding shitty, lazy, outdated, harmful and toxic medicine?

So I dig.

I am digging.

I've been digging for years.

As a teen I had friends tell me what they thought happened after death because they knew I was mildly obsessed with the after life.

Through the Law of One shtuff, I'm reminded of the power of rituals & symbols. Hollywood has done such a number on us when it comes to this topic that many of us see magic as a completely fabricated realm of entertainment.

I'm attempting to learn the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.  To begin, you visualize a ball of light--an extension of the great one creator-- above your head. You raise your hand above your head to pull that light down to your forehead --third eye-- then down where you cross over to the right side, then to the left side, then pull that same lustrous & beautiful light of creation down past your groin and to the ground.

This forms a cross of light of the ONE great infinite Creator.

A-ha & Amen.

We see that the cross isn't a Christian thing though it is NO DOUBT why the darkness used that symbol to crucify Him, to kill the soul energy who came here with the sole purpose of teaching us love.

I have a new found love for Jesus friends.  He walked right back into it.  Rode that ass like it was barn sour back to Jerusalem though he was met with mockery and hate.  Every cell in my body wishes at times that he stole a stud and rode it far far away.  How different would our lives be?

(Pullllll it back in Dianna ... getting weepily off-track)

I'm shedding the illusion that poisoned all of these sacred symbols so as to lessen their power.

I love you!!

Open to discuss!

#LawOfOne #Ritual #Magic #WooWoo

Saturday 7 August 2021

Exploitation Using Inherent Pack Mentality Against the Pack


Oh that pack animal, that hive mind .....

Humans are pack animals as you know and pack animals do odd & awesome things.

Here's an awesome thing that is a pack oriented action that ended up not being in the best interest of the individual members of the pack.

Long ago, native tribes used to use the pack mentality against a pack of prey in order to hunt effectively. They did this by finding the herd and following them for days or even weeks stopping when they did, allowing horses to graze when the herd grazed etc. 

They followed close enough that the herd could see them but far enough back that they didn't feel threatened. 

In time, the humans on their horses became normal to the herd---possibly even a pseudo part of it.

Eventually, the humans would turn around and go back. 

Here's the detriment of the pack/hive mind .... when the herd saw the human herd turn around, it would turn and follow. 

Of course, the intelligent humans had sent arrow yielding pack members to then pull up behind the herd, trapping them so the humans could choose which herd members were ready for culling.

I see this.

This is proven.

Proven with Science.

Science that we ignore.

Ignore at our own detriment.

Detriment others profit off of.

And the wheels on the bus go round n' round 

Round n' round.

Round n' round.

Know it to change it.