Sunday 11 February 2024

Depression as a Disease of Inflammation & How Diet Changes Help -- My Personal Experience.


Today marks 7 days without sugar in my coffee.  It's a different experience for sure but one I'm begin to really enjoy.

This morning while drinking my bullet coffee cuppa, I found my taste buds seeking the sweet but in the absence, finding new flavours.

I find it fascinating where we taste things in our mouths.  The sugar buds must be up front on the tongue while the deeper flavour buds are on the back and rear sides of the tongue.

Either way, there is something happening here with my mindset, my outlook, my thinking.  

I've had depression my whole life and tried so very many things.  

There's a strong theory that depression is brain inflammation so, by eliminating the inflammatory foods, one can literally change their brain and the subsequent thinking that it does.

I was in a dark place last week and the week prior.  I mean, it's hard to live here when you know even a smidge of the truth.  But with friends and theories to keep me working for the betterment, I made it back around to be hopeful again.  

I can always tell when I'm on the good side when Ima Chatty-Cathy at the grocery store.  Yesterday I had a full on discussion with a man about meat and vegetables and their inflammatory possibilities.  As it turns out he's a Cannabis patient as well.  In discussing this amazing plant, I told him about CBD helping diabetic neuropathy.  He said his good friend has that and he's going to urge her to try CBD oil with a little bit of low THC.  I suggested she buy two bottles so she herself can control the ratio right from the beginning.    

He said I renewed his hope in the plant and its possibilities.  As we walked out of the store together, I felt so good about myself.  Being the one to constantly talk about this new-old and often misunderstood plant, I've learned that not all like to hear what you're saying.  But I'm back to unapologetically talking about it because if I can help someone --just one person, then I will not let anyone stop me.

Strive to feel that every single day.

I love you!

Saturday 10 February 2024

Deep Thoughts on the Canadian Mental Wealthcare Industry.


Healthcare has come a long way baby but has the distance been a betterment?

I don't think so.

In my country we have housing for those with serious mental health issues that is basically solitary confinement.  We're expecting these people to live a life alone, many fighting voices and arguing with energy all day long.  A good smudging is needed but the healthcare industry definitely doesn't believe in the woo woo--even though it has been proven that smudging with certain dried plant materials does indeed "clean" a space of impurities in the air.

How can someone in this situation deal with the triggers of addiction or drug use that pulls them out of their loneliness?

Triggers can manifest out of memories, smells, tastes, suggestions and so much more.  It's often out of a person's control leading them to fear tv, interactions with others and simply living life.

Schizophrenia is one that is very difficult to treat.  There is a study--likely several by now--stating that from a side effect perspective, Cannabis Indica is a better medication than the commonly used Schizophrenic drugs.  These are heavily sedative drugs that lower one's energy, one's interest in food, water, life. They deaden the thoughts, the desires, the urges that keep us curious. It is very common for those taking these meds to desire to feel again and meth gives them more than they can handle--not that they know that before first puff.  Can you imagine taking a medication that hinders your ability to even pleasure yourself?  No wonder they use. 

Side effects from their cocktail of contraindicating pills swiftly does a number on a person's gastrointestinal system but no one even considers probiotics.  Or even food as medicine where cheese, rice, or bran might assist in regulating bm's. 

That fucking DIN or drug identification number is a false prophet, a safety net with giant holes in it, and a grrrrreat pocket liner.  

Physicians today rely on this DIN to protect them while prescribing. But is it really pushing health?  

I wish I wish I wish we lived in a world where one could help another without fear of .... well, without fear.   If this particular person were my brother for instance, I'd work with him on a diet that feeds and nourishes his body and brain.  I'd get him on pro and prebiotics, drinking Kombucha, eating fermented anything to assist his gut.  90% of our serotonin is made in the gut so FEEDING THE GUT helps depression and all other neurological issues.  

Meh, what's food eh?  Food is medicine, though not in the eyes of our healthcare system.  In the words of the smartest man I'll ever know, my Daddy, "hospital food is NOT fit for human consumption!".

I'd make him Cannabis oil with high high indica CBD flowers and yes, some flowers with low THC as well.  I'd know that I would have to adjust this oil as his endocannabinoid system learns how to use what nature has so generously provided.  I would incorporate other herbs as well that are proven to help calm and regulate the nervous system.  

Of course, this whole post is happening because of one particular person that I have resigned myself to show love to.  Being angry at him did not improve my existence. We hadn't spoken in months and then just did last week.  I realize that we are more alike than different, something many of us will soon realize if they don't already.

We live in this world and all around us we see struggle and strife but helping can be seen as risky.  So is driving your car, taking mandated gene therapy treatments and so is eating bugs.

Risk is everywhere.  I refuse to let it harden me.

LOVE is a verb.  Use it yo!  

I love YOU and am here to help in any way I can.