Wednesday 30 March 2022

How Many Genders Are There?

 Many sessions ago, my psychotherapist giggled when I angstfully said, 

"I feel like they're trying to homogenize us!"

It now seems I was on to somethin' there eh?

Can we define a woman?

I tell ya what ... you could definitely define a woman by how effed up the Medical Industry treats her when she turns 48ish and begins to change.

Endocrinologists know.

You see, I personally believe in numerous genders.

If you look at our true history you'll see many more than two genders.  

If you look to our wild nature & her animals you'll see many more than two genders.

Other cultures used to respect some people who were a combination of two genders.  Other cultures respect no gender as a gender.

I believe that there were too many to control & so they narrowed it down to two.  

Now, two genders are too many to control.

Let's get down to one for ease of organization and control.

I mean, having to print two boxes on every application takes too much ink.

If they win--which they don't btw--there will not be a male and female box on applications.  

Only one.

What we allow is what will follow and if you never think about why your leaders make the decisions and changes they make, then you will always be controlled.  

Every action has a reason behind it, none of which are about giving you more control or power.