Friday, 22 April 2022

Finding It Hard To Love Yourself? Here's a Secret

 Before your soul energy came to earth, you decided what you'd do, how you'd look, who you'd spend time with etc.

This means that every single perceived flaw society has convinced you that you have, was chosen by you.

You love yourself more than you know but will soon learn.

Sunday, 17 April 2022

The Separation Of Child & Parent


The Collective Parent was ok with Bambi's mom being shot, ok with cigarette & booze ads aimed at kids.  They were ok with Gaga using children in bloody photos in a meat suit.  They were ok with the over sexualization of music, movies, netflix, disney, every single thing a kid was drawn to was sexualized.

The collective parent is ok that kids believe Santa buys their gifts, the Big Easter Bunny gives them chocolate and that awesome Toof Fairy is who puts change under their pillows for a toof.

The collective parent said nothing about the fruit flavored vapes, the fruit flavored booze, the flavored papers and blunts.

The use of children in music, tv, movies, horror, marketing ads, the child used in a million differing ways.

But the thing that the Collective Parent cannot abide?

A person with a beard wearing a skirt.

That's too far, too harmful, too much.


The ice is gonna break.

The separation of child & parent is an age-old maneuver.

Be careful where we lay our blame.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

How Many Genders Are There?

 Many sessions ago, my psychotherapist giggled when I angstfully said, 

"I feel like they're trying to homogenize us!"

It now seems I was on to somethin' there eh?

Can we define a woman?

I tell ya what ... you could definitely define a woman by how effed up the Medical Industry treats her when she turns 48ish and begins to change.

Endocrinologists know.

You see, I personally believe in numerous genders.

If you look at our true history you'll see many more than two genders.  

If you look to our wild nature & her animals you'll see many more than two genders.

Other cultures used to respect some people who were a combination of two genders.  Other cultures respect no gender as a gender.

I believe that there were too many to control & so they narrowed it down to two.  

Now, two genders are too many to control.

Let's get down to one for ease of organization and control.

I mean, having to print two boxes on every application takes too much ink.

If they win--which they don't btw--there will not be a male and female box on applications.  

Only one.

What we allow is what will follow and if you never think about why your leaders make the decisions and changes they make, then you will always be controlled.  

Every action has a reason behind it, none of which are about giving you more control or power.

Saturday, 5 February 2022

They Want A World Without God--Not Gonna Happen


I've really been diggin' into spirituality lately.  The structured, the secret, the woo-woo too.

FREE WILL is a concept in most theologies yet we still pray TO someone else, be they Jesus, God, Allah, or any of the others, to fix problems.

I've known so many differing people.

Some like to live their lives sitting solidly in God's hands or Jesus' hands and believe that He or They will take the wheel & drive us home.

To they I say, 

Free will allows you to do this.  You have the freedom to let the scene play out & see it as being in God's hands.

Others see that FREE WILL as the W5 in WHY we're here.

Help & aid can come when it's asked for but our prayers often give us tools to help a situation rather than simply helping the situation.

We are here to learn, grow, break & put ourselves back together again.  In the very same way, we may also be here to break others & then to help put them back together again.

Creator & the team of angels, guides, saints, and ancestors are here to help us when we ask for it.  

In this moment, I remember being wee on my first pair of skates & my mum would steady me and guide me but she wouldn't do it for me.

I grew up to skate like the wind, far ahead of the boys.

And every action is done by way of LOVE. 

Pray for strength, perseverance, and clarity to meet this battle head on.

The powers that be want a world without God.

That's not happening 

Friday, 14 January 2022

Loving Is Easy


Humans have been over-thinking & making things more difficult than they are for centuries now.

Take LOVE for example.

A co-worker once said she hated it when people flippantly said farewell with a "love ya!" at the end.

I listened & felt the sting because I do that, I did that back then when she said it.

So her words made me think.

What does it mean to love?

Jesus would say that to love is to live.

But no, we can't love one another.   We gotta Hallmark the shizzle outta that verb, adjective, noun cuz capitalism demands it yo!

I see this as just one more manipulation & one more way to make us feel like we can't and so why bother.

I LOVE YOU and I don't know you.  I might never even set my eyes upon you but I can still say that I love you.

I believe that a society that would judge the words "Love ya!" is a sign of a very sick and sad society.

Loving is the easiest thing we can do.

It's everything else that's hard.


Saturday, 8 January 2022

Explaining How We Are ONE


Creator is a big glass of water.

Big Bang done gone & sprayed that glass of water all over the place in itty bitty little droplets so now, Creator is in droplets all over the place.

Those droplets are at times far apart, at times different sizes & shapes but are still part of that one big glass of water.

We, the droplets desire to be reunited in that big glass with that one infinite Creator.

Many don't realize that on a soul energetic level, that's what we all want.

So we live & we grow & we learn & we evolve along the chakra system & back into that big glass, eventually reunited with that One Infinite Creator.

There are no mistakes.

There is only LOVE & GROWTH.


Life Lived Your Way or Bust


Monday, 3 January 2022

7 Times Yahweh Is Discussed in the Law of One

The following are portions of the channeled info from the early 80's known as The Ra Material and/or the Law of One.  The group continues to this day to channel entities to assist readers in understanding why we're here. You can learn more about them and read any of the group's numerous published books for FREE at 

At times, Ra's verbiage is difficult to understand so the italic info within brackets is a bit simplified. The entire law of one discussions have been rewritten for ease of understanding at 

This view of Yahweh offers a slightly different perspective . . . 

16.14 ▶ Questioner: Can you name the entity that they sent here twenty-six hundred years ago . . . three thousand six hundred years ago?

Ra: I am Ra. This entity named by your peoples, Yahweh.

17.16 ▶ Questioner: When Jesus of Nazareth incarnated, was there an attempt by the Orion group to discredit him in some way?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

17.17 ▶ Questioner: Can you tell me what the Orion group did in order to try to cause his downfall?

Ra: I am Ra. We may describe in general what occurred. The technique was that of building upon other negatively oriented information. This information had been given by the one whom your peoples called Yahweh. This information involved many strictures upon behavior and promised power of the third-density, service-to-self nature. These two types of distortions were impressed upon those already oriented to think these thought-forms.

This eventually led to many challenges of the entity known as Jesus. It eventually led to one, sound vibration complex Judas, as you call this entity, who believed that it was doing the appropriate thing in bringing about, or forcing upon the one you call Jesus, the necessity for bringing in the third-density planetary-power distortion of third-density rule over others.

This entity, Judas, felt that, if pushed into a corner, the entity you call Jesus would then be able to see the wisdom of using the power of intelligent infinity in order to rule others. The one you call Judas was mistaken in this estimation of the reaction of the entity, Jesus, whose teach/learning was not oriented towards this distortion. This resulted in the destruction of the bodily complex of the one known as Jesus to you.

18.14 ▶ Questioner: Can you tell me how Yahweh communicated to Earth’s people?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a somewhat complex question.

The first communication was what you would call genetic. The second communication was the walking among your peoples to produce further genetic changes in consciousness. The third was a series of dialogues with chosen channels.

18.15 ▶ Questioner: Can you tell me what these genetic changes were and how they were brought about?

Ra: I am Ra. Some of these genetic changes were in a form similar to what you call the cloning process. Thus, entities incarnated in the image of the Yahweh entities. The second was a contact of the nature you know as sexual, changing the mind/body/spirit complex through the natural means of the patterns of reproduction devised by the intelligent energy of your physical complex.

18.16 ▶ Questioner: Can you tell me specifically what they did in this case?

Ra: I am Ra. We have answered this question. Please restate for further information.

18.17 ▶ Questioner: Can you tell me the difference between the . . . the sexual programming, let us say, prior to Yahweh’s intervention and after intervention?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a question which we can only answer by stating that intervention by genetic means is the same no matter what the source of this change.

18.18 ▶ Questioner: Can you tell me Yahweh’s purpose in making the genetic sexual changes?

Ra: I am Ra. The purpose, seven five oh oh oh [75,000] years ago, as you measure time, [of] the changes subsequent to that time were of one purpose only: that to express in the mind/body complex those characteristics which would lead to further and more speedy development of the spiritual complex.

18.19 ▶ Questioner: How did these characteristics go about leading to the more spiritual development?

Ra: I am Ra. The characteristics which were encouraged included sensitivity of all the physical senses to sharpen the experiences and the strengthening of the mind complex in order to promote the ability to analyze these experiences.

18.20 ▶ Questioner: When did Yahweh act to perform the genetic changes that Yahweh performed?

Ra: I am Ra. The Yahweh group worked with those of the planet you call Mars seven five, seventy-five thousand [75,000] years ago in what you would call the cloning process. There are differences, but they lie in the future of your time/space continuum, and we cannot break the free will Law of Confusion.

The two six oh oh [2,600], approximately, time was the second time—we correct ourselves—three six oh oh [3,600], approximately the time of attempts by those of the Orion group during this cultural complex. This was a series of encounters in which the ones called Anak were impregnated with the new genetic coding by your physical complex means so that the organisms would be larger and stronger.

(The Yahweh group worked with those of the planet Mars 75,000 years ago in what you would call the cloning process. There are differences [between what they actually did and what we call cloning], but this information relates to your future, and we cannot break the free will Law of Confusion. The second time was approximately 3,600 years ago, when the Orion group was also on Earth. There were a series of encounters in which the ones called Anak* were impregnated with this new genetic coding [through sex with humans] so that their offspring would be larger and stronger.


18.21 ▶ Questioner: Why did they want larger and stronger organisms?

Ra: The ones of Yahweh were attempting to create an understanding of the Law of One by creating mind/body complexes capable of grasping the Law of One. The experiment was a decided failure from the view of the desired distortions due to the fact that rather than assimilating the Law of One, it was a great temptation to consider the so-called social complex, or sub-complex, as elite or different, and better, than other-selves, this one of the techniques of service to self.

18.22 ▶ Questioner: Then the Orion group . . . I’m not quite sure that I understand this. Do you mean that the Orion group produced this larger body complex to create an elite so that the Law of One could be applied in what we call the negative sense?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The entities of Yahweh were responsible for this procedure in isolated cases as experiments in combating the Orion group.

However, the Orion group were able to use this distortion of mind/body complex to inculcate the thoughts of the elite rather than concentrations upon the learning/teaching of oneness.

18.23 ▶ Questioner: Well, was Yahweh then of the Confederation?

Ra: I am Ra. Yahweh was of the Confederation but was mistaken in its attempts to aid.

18.24 ▶ Questioner: Then Yahweh’s communications did not help or did not create what Yahweh wished for them to create. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The results of this interaction were quite mixed. Where the entities were of a vibrational sum characteristic which embraced oneness, the manipulations of Yahweh were very useful. Wherein the entities of free will had chosen a less positively oriented configuration of sum total vibratory complex, those of the Orion group were able, for the first time, to make serious inroads upon the consciousness of the planetary complex.

(The results of this interaction were quite mixed. In the instances in which the people embraced oneness, the manipulations of Yahweh were very useful. In the instances in which the people, of their own free will, had chosen to be less than positive, the Orion group were able for the first time to make serious inroads upon the consciousness of this planet.)

24.6 ▶ Questioner: Thank you. Then I assume the Confederation stayed away from Earth for a period of time. What condition created the next contact the Confederation made?

Ra: In approximately three six zero zero [3,600] of your years in the past, as you measure time, there was an influx of those of the Orion group, as you call them. Due to the increasing negative influences upon thinking and acting distortions, they were able to begin working with those whose impression from olden times, as you may say, was that they were special and different.

An entity of the Confederation, many, many thousands of your years in the past, the one you may call Yahweh, had, by genetic cloning, set up these particular biases among these peoples who had come gradually to dwell in the vicinity of Egypt, as well as in many, many other places, by dispersion after the down-sinking of the land mass Mu. Here the Orion group found fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of negativity; these seeds, as always, being those of the elite, the different, those who manipulate or enslave others.

The one known as Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities. However, the Orion group had been able to impress upon the peoples the name Yahweh as the one responsible for this elitism. Yahweh then was able to take, what you would call, stock of its vibratory patterns and became, in effect, a more eloquently effective sound vibration complex.

In this complex the old Yahweh, now unnamed, but meaning “He comes,” began to send positively oriented philosophy. This was approximately, in your past, of two—we correct this instrument—three three zero zero [3,300] years. Thus, the intense portion of what has become known as Armageddon was joined.

(In approximately 3,600 years ago, there was an influx of those of the Orion group. Due to the increasing negative influences upon peoples’ thinking and actions, the Orions were able to begin working with those who had the impression from many years prior that they were special and different [i.e., the Hebrews believed they were “the chosen people”].

Many, many thousands of your years in the past, an entity of the Confederation called “Yahweh” had, by genetic cloning, set up particular biases among the peoples [the Hebrews] who had gradually come to dwell in the vicinity of Egypt. They also had dispersed to many, many other places, after the land mass called Mu sank. Here the Orion group found fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of negativity. These seeds, as always, caused them to consider themselves elite, different, and those who manipulate or enslave others [i.e., “the chosen people”].

The one known as Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities. However, the Orion group had been able to impress upon the peoples that Yahweh as the one who was responsible for this elitism.)

60.17 ▶ Questioner: Thank you. I don’t know if this question will result in any usable direction, but I think I must ask it. What was the Ark of the Covenant, and what was its use?

Ra: The Ark of the Covenant was that place wherein those things most holy, according to the understanding of the one called Moishe, [were] placed. The article placed therein has been called by your peoples two tablets called the Ten Commandments. There were not two tablets. There was one writing in scroll. This was placed along with the most carefully written accounts by various entities of their beliefs concerning the creation by the One Creator.

This Ark was designed to constitute the place wherefrom the priests, as you call those distorted towards the desire to serve their brothers, could draw their power and feel the presence of the One Creator. However, it is to be noted that this entire arrangement was designed, not by the one known to the Confederation as Yahweh, but rather was designed by negative entities preferring this method of creating an elite called the Sons of Levi.

74.19 ▶ Questioner: How did the users of these sounds, Sanskrit and Hebrew, determine what these sounds were?

Ra: I am Ra. In the case of the Hebrew that entity known as Yahweh aided this knowledge through impression upon the material of genetic coding which became language, as you call it.

(In the case of Hebrew, Yahweh aided this knowledge through genetic manipulation, which later became language.)

In the case of Sanskrit the sound vibrations are pure due to the lack of previous, what you call, alphabet, or letter-naming. Thus the sound vibration complexes seemed to fall into place as from the Logos. This was a more, shall we say, natural or unaided situation or process.

(In the case of Sanskrit, the sounds are pure due to the lack of having an alphabet at that time. Therefore, the sounds seemed to fall into place as if they were from the Logos. This was a more natural, or unaided, situation or process.)

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Feel More Love Than Fear ~ WE Are Evolving Friends!


In Kingston, only the ballsy go maskless.  Exemptions aren't being written which doesn't mean people are not deserving of them. If your exemption is for an emotional issue due to past trauma then a written exemption requirement would mean that you'd have to be under the care of a psych Doctor who is willing to write the exemption.  >Anyone seeking mental healthcare knows not all deserving get seen because Ontario's premiere doesn't really seem to believe in mental healthcare.  But I digress.

I just read a post from a friend living in Niagara who says there are very few masks being worn there.

Another friend in Kingston stated yesterday that more maskless exempt shoppers appeared in their store too.

Apparently we can grow balls!

And, the more who dare to disobey ridonculous recommendations, the more will disobey the ridonculous recommendations.

Remember how we were never supposed to sneeze in our hands?  We were all taught the vampire elbow sneeze technique right?

But now, we're to believe that coughing, sneezing, & snotting in your mask is perfectly healthy.

We are now to be so selfless as to get ourselves sick.

There's such separation here and the people who wear the mask only occasionally are often the most vocal on this topic.  While others breathe with air-holes covered for 40 hours a week.  

Honestly, I've learned a lot lately and mostly I've learned two distinct lessons that illustrate Earth's polarity.

I've learned that forming an opinion only after walking in others' shoes, is not a common thing anymore.  We're now lazy.  Why would we need to walk a mile in anyone's shoes when CBC, CNN, & FOX are willing to tell me what I need to know without me leaving my couch?

But I've also learned that when humanity experiences an emergency or a dangerous situation, the HUMANE comes out in half of us.  We become more loving, more giving.  We stand up for others more.  We put others first.  We plan, we unite, we re-build burned bridges and/or we put out the flames of bridges mid-burn.  

As time progresses I predict an amplification of this polarity.

Heavier pressure will be put on those who refuse to obey & deeper unity, camaraderie and love will form among those who ignore the tool of fear.

All we have to do is feel more love than fear.

#LoveLight #ILoveYOU #01012022