Thursday, 27 October 2022

If Your God Asked You This Question, How Would You Answer?


Let's get weird.

Imagine if your individual "God" or Prophet stood before you tonight & asked, 

‘What have you done with this most precious gift?’

Or in other words, what have you done thus far with this gift of life?

I thought this was interesting because we often tell people what they wanna hear even if and when we resist doing it.

But if the One Infinite Creator, who knows not wealth or poverty, material things or pomp were to ask you what you've done thus far with the life they gave you, what would you say?

It is here that it becomes oh so clear what and why we're here.  The Bible said "do unto others" and Ra of the Law of One said, live a life "in service to others".

It's all the same and I think most of us will answer this question with all the ways that they helped others while alive.

When I used to be made to go to the Confessional once a month or however often it was, I usually made shit up because hey, I really wasn't a bad kid.  I'd say I'm sorry for lying, swearing, and bugging my sisters.  In other words, borrrrrrrring.

If this question is a definite one I will be asked, it almost makes me wanna get busy so I don't have to grasp at straws answering this ultimate question of questions.

I desire to help more people and I know I can.  I'd like to make the list soooooooo long that we'll need extended time.

Thoughts welcome!

Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Where To Get More Truth With Your News


More than ever, we see people choosing articles based on the source.  As a writer, I feel like this push has been upon us in a passive way for decades.  Heck, even I used to choose articles to share based on the source if only because I knew my audience.  

Now that c--vd has shaken the shit out of the rug, we can see a clear division.  There are those who read msm or mainstream media & there are those who read alllll of the other sources.  And the funniest part of it all for me, is to watch as the msm choices shrink the more truth comes out.

What's a reliable source anyways?  And, is that even possible if every single source takes money from industry?

I mentioned that I am a writer and I've been published on approximately 15-20 different websites.  The first one aside from a newspaper was in the Treating Yourself Magazine and the last one was on Arianna Huffington's website Thrive Global.

I didn't get paid for any of that info and I guarantee you will learn something interesting on almost all of my writing.

My point here is that while we're looking to MSM with glazed over trust in our eyes, we're exhibiting disbelief in those others.

In all of the articles I've written--many for free-- I have never written anything but the truth as sources illustrated and as my own experience dictated.

My words are not brought to you by Pf!ser or any other wealthy conglomerate.  

If you can let go of fear, you can giggle at the way we are so trained to look outward for info & direction.  A person could know 5 people who've experienced the same thing yet they'd still want to hear what the 'experts' say.

We are trainable and we've been trained well--myself included.

All news is scripted for a purpose.  For the last year or more, if you wanted to learn what's happening in another area of the world, you went to social media.  Regardless of all the negative it has with it, TikTok, FB, Instagram are where you see REALITY UNSCRIPTED.

As such, blogs are where you read unsponsored experiential facts.  Heck, I got a job as a Cannabis Counselor with knowledge I pulled from myself, those I spoke to, and those I read about on social media. 

Basically, if there are ads in between segments of the news you're watching, it may not be true.

I can't wait till we return to the sanity of pack mentality again.  We are all so wise in all the right ways.  If we align ourselves right, we'll have all the bases covered and then some ... with no outside funding whatsoever.

#lovelight #Community #ThePackProvides

Sunday, 23 October 2022

Today I Rest --Will Take Up the Fight Again Tomorrow


It's easier to be selfish, to not care about others.  They've made it so.  As I sit with the anger settled in my chest, I realize that the system is rigged to infuriate, frustrate, and finally knock those down who only want to serve/help others.

Once again, I've tried to discuss the empty subsidized units with those on platforms of influence.

I stopped into my Mayor's campaign HQ on Thursday yet have received zero calls.  He doesn't wanna talk about housing anymore.

I think the homeless is now a demographic that will always be so they wonder, 'why try to change it?'

Two weeks ago I discussed housing with one of my 6 councillor hopefuls who argued that "a home" isn't a human right but "a shelter" is.

What, we're now horses & cattle?  

Livestock deserve shelter;  humans deserve homes.

So I sit here on the precipice of diving into the abyss of selfishness.

This fight is bigger than me.

In campaigning for my chosen councillor, I told people that he was going to try to "fix" housing.  You should hear the chuckles.  Even my buddy that's home-challenged and lived here his whole 70+ years tells me that Housing has always been corrupt.

To feel better, all I have to do is NOT CARE ABOUT OTHERS.

Such is the world; such have we made it?

In the words of Holden of Catcher in the Rye, the world is full of God damned phonies.  

Mayor Paterson says he's a Christian but I think he's a phony.

The Churches say they wanna help the homeless but they're phonies.

The Pastors, the MP's, the Mayor, the councillors .... all phonies as far as I can see.

So I might set my cares aside for a day.  I might concentrate on myself and my garden, my plants, my hunbun, my future ... just for the day.

And then take up the fight again tomorrow.

Love & light to all.

We got this, but we're gonna be mighty pissed off in the end.