Saturday 5 February 2022

They Want A World Without God--Not Gonna Happen


I've really been diggin' into spirituality lately.  The structured, the secret, the woo-woo too.

FREE WILL is a concept in most theologies yet we still pray TO someone else, be they Jesus, God, Allah, or any of the others, to fix problems.

I've known so many differing people.

Some like to live their lives sitting solidly in God's hands or Jesus' hands and believe that He or They will take the wheel & drive us home.

To they I say, 

Free will allows you to do this.  You have the freedom to let the scene play out & see it as being in God's hands.

Others see that FREE WILL as the W5 in WHY we're here.

Help & aid can come when it's asked for but our prayers often give us tools to help a situation rather than simply helping the situation.

We are here to learn, grow, break & put ourselves back together again.  In the very same way, we may also be here to break others & then to help put them back together again.

Creator & the team of angels, guides, saints, and ancestors are here to help us when we ask for it.  

In this moment, I remember being wee on my first pair of skates & my mum would steady me and guide me but she wouldn't do it for me.

I grew up to skate like the wind, far ahead of the boys.

And every action is done by way of LOVE. 

Pray for strength, perseverance, and clarity to meet this battle head on.

The powers that be want a world without God.

That's not happening