Friday, 22 April 2022

Finding It Hard To Love Yourself? Here's a Secret

 Before your soul energy came to earth, you decided what you'd do, how you'd look, who you'd spend time with etc.

This means that every single perceived flaw society has convinced you that you have, was chosen by you.

You love yourself more than you know but will soon learn.

Sunday, 17 April 2022

The Separation Of Child & Parent


The Collective Parent was ok with Bambi's mom being shot, ok with cigarette & booze ads aimed at kids.  They were ok with Gaga using children in bloody photos in a meat suit.  They were ok with the over sexualization of music, movies, netflix, disney, every single thing a kid was drawn to was sexualized.

The collective parent is ok that kids believe Santa buys their gifts, the Big Easter Bunny gives them chocolate and that awesome Toof Fairy is who puts change under their pillows for a toof.

The collective parent said nothing about the fruit flavored vapes, the fruit flavored booze, the flavored papers and blunts.

The use of children in music, tv, movies, horror, marketing ads, the child used in a million differing ways.

But the thing that the Collective Parent cannot abide?

A person with a beard wearing a skirt.

That's too far, too harmful, too much.


The ice is gonna break.

The separation of child & parent is an age-old maneuver.

Be careful where we lay our blame.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

How Many Genders Are There?

 Many sessions ago, my psychotherapist giggled when I angstfully said, 

"I feel like they're trying to homogenize us!"

It now seems I was on to somethin' there eh?

Can we define a woman?

I tell ya what ... you could definitely define a woman by how effed up the Medical Industry treats her when she turns 48ish and begins to change.

Endocrinologists know.

You see, I personally believe in numerous genders.

If you look at our true history you'll see many more than two genders.  

If you look to our wild nature & her animals you'll see many more than two genders.

Other cultures used to respect some people who were a combination of two genders.  Other cultures respect no gender as a gender.

I believe that there were too many to control & so they narrowed it down to two.  

Now, two genders are too many to control.

Let's get down to one for ease of organization and control.

I mean, having to print two boxes on every application takes too much ink.

If they win--which they don't btw--there will not be a male and female box on applications.  

Only one.

What we allow is what will follow and if you never think about why your leaders make the decisions and changes they make, then you will always be controlled.  

Every action has a reason behind it, none of which are about giving you more control or power.

Saturday, 5 February 2022

They Want A World Without God--Not Gonna Happen


I've really been diggin' into spirituality lately.  The structured, the secret, the woo-woo too.

FREE WILL is a concept in most theologies yet we still pray TO someone else, be they Jesus, God, Allah, or any of the others, to fix problems.

I've known so many differing people.

Some like to live their lives sitting solidly in God's hands or Jesus' hands and believe that He or They will take the wheel & drive us home.

To they I say, 

Free will allows you to do this.  You have the freedom to let the scene play out & see it as being in God's hands.

Others see that FREE WILL as the W5 in WHY we're here.

Help & aid can come when it's asked for but our prayers often give us tools to help a situation rather than simply helping the situation.

We are here to learn, grow, break & put ourselves back together again.  In the very same way, we may also be here to break others & then to help put them back together again.

Creator & the team of angels, guides, saints, and ancestors are here to help us when we ask for it.  

In this moment, I remember being wee on my first pair of skates & my mum would steady me and guide me but she wouldn't do it for me.

I grew up to skate like the wind, far ahead of the boys.

And every action is done by way of LOVE. 

Pray for strength, perseverance, and clarity to meet this battle head on.

The powers that be want a world without God.

That's not happening 

Friday, 14 January 2022

Loving Is Easy


Humans have been over-thinking & making things more difficult than they are for centuries now.

Take LOVE for example.

A co-worker once said she hated it when people flippantly said farewell with a "love ya!" at the end.

I listened & felt the sting because I do that, I did that back then when she said it.

So her words made me think.

What does it mean to love?

Jesus would say that to love is to live.

But no, we can't love one another.   We gotta Hallmark the shizzle outta that verb, adjective, noun cuz capitalism demands it yo!

I see this as just one more manipulation & one more way to make us feel like we can't and so why bother.

I LOVE YOU and I don't know you.  I might never even set my eyes upon you but I can still say that I love you.

I believe that a society that would judge the words "Love ya!" is a sign of a very sick and sad society.

Loving is the easiest thing we can do.

It's everything else that's hard.


Saturday, 8 January 2022

Explaining How We Are ONE


Creator is a big glass of water.

Big Bang done gone & sprayed that glass of water all over the place in itty bitty little droplets so now, Creator is in droplets all over the place.

Those droplets are at times far apart, at times different sizes & shapes but are still part of that one big glass of water.

We, the droplets desire to be reunited in that big glass with that one infinite Creator.

Many don't realize that on a soul energetic level, that's what we all want.

So we live & we grow & we learn & we evolve along the chakra system & back into that big glass, eventually reunited with that One Infinite Creator.

There are no mistakes.

There is only LOVE & GROWTH.