Saturday 1 June 2024

UN Agenda 2030 Mission Goals

 We've been indoctrinated to trust the Caducean symbol like moths to a flame.

Now, we have too much power & they want our numbers limited and lowered.  

The jiggity-jig is up.  I can show you several influential families of power and control, stating this very thing.

This is the plan.  Please share it if the algorithm allows you to see this post.   

To me, freedom is at must.  


Dr. Peter McCullough's Spike Protein Detox Protocol


The World Pyramid of Power -- Kinda Like a Club That YOU'RE Not In.


See how low on the pyramid of power, our dipshit politicians as governments are?

They're Macaws & Parrots in suits with zero power.   

Elections are a fraud OR all parties abide one narrative decided by the above individuals.

Me votey no more.

Notice the "All Seeing Eye".

The more I learn the more I realize that my brain is clay to be molded by what I see, hear, smell, fear, fear, fear, and fear. 

It's kind of like that pesky "informed consent" where you have to know all the deets to make an informed decision.  But the deets are skewed, hidden, changed, and or completely altered so, I do not have the details necessary to make an informed vote.

All politicians are dipshits.    

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Nova Scotia's "Financial Measures Act" --- Making YOUR Health Info Fully Accessible to the Govt

Nova Scotia is trying to pass "The Financial Measures Act" that would give the govt full access to your Medical Records and health information.  

People with mental health challenges experience discrimination during the hiring process if and when they disclose mental illness. If you dare to shed tears at work, you'll be labeled and scrutinized for expressing your emotions.

People with multiple issues requiring multiple prescriptions experience discrimination if and when the cost of those scripts become apparent to the employer and to the employer's insurance carriers.

People with misunderstood chronic illnesses experience discrimination if and when they disclose these health challenges to people who have no clue of their ability or disability.  

Do we think our Governments will treat us differently than potential employers?  

They want to know everything about you but why?  Why would they want to know all of this?  Does it have anything to do with the WEF's Pandemic Treaty?  

Be aware of what they're trying to do even --or especially if it doesn't affect you because those affected may need YOU to speak for them.  

We are one and breaking this one is not going to be easy.  

Don't make it easier for them.

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Changes in Mindset After Researching the Reality of the World

An interesting thing has happened to my brain, my mindset, and my outlook since educating myself on the reality of this world in this moment.  

I used to be able to fit people and thoughts into neat and tidy boxes of acceptance or rejection.  It was really easy to decipher back then but today, things are nowhere near this neat and tidy.

We all have benevolence and we all have shadow so those boxes were almost always a fraud.  

Now, it's all just a mess of thoughts and theories but what's changed is the pedestal that that way of thinking uses to differentiate people, has now disappeared.  No one stands above you and I -- we bow to no one because there is no hierarchy between us.  

The separation of good/bad ... wealthy/poor ... well educated/uninformed is the real illusion because most of the knowledge is lies and money means fuck all when you're dead. 

I'm nowhere near figuring it all out but I'm really happy to now be able to hold many many many thoughts and theories at the same time not really sure of any of them but not hooking onto any perceived outcome they offer.

I personally think this is the way.


Monday 4 March 2024

Deeper Thoughts into Densities and the Knowledge Gained Through Incarnation

 Deeeeeep Monday Thoughts . . . .

I now look at existence somewhat through the eyes of the woo woo.

In the channeled sessions with Ra discussing the Law of One, I learned of the differing densities.  First is the elements, second are plants and animals, third is you and I, 4th and 5th are to come.

So, take a Lemon seed for instance.  It's a 2nd density being that has a consciousness and is existing for the purpose of growth and learning. 

Most Lemon seeds exist inside the fruit, usually discarded in the trash and there, may germinate if the conditions are right.  When the seed eventually ceases to exist in its organic form, it passes the veil and is given a life review.  I imagine those are pretty quick as, what growth could an ungerminated seed really attain?

Now take the many many Lemon seeds I have germinated and care for now as small Lemon trees.  When the plant expires which some of them do from my own negligence and ignorance, it passes that same veil and has SO MUCH to review!!!  

Okay now take it one step further, knowing that we all have a soul plan that we, with others, created before incarnating--this gets me teary -- does that mean that I have made this plan with all of these seeds??????  


If this is true, then what a magical place this is!!!!  It almost must be a matrix, a program, a controlled space.  I mean, do you know how picky I am when I pick out a Lemon????  Or the many other grocery store seeds I've germinated and now grow as plants!?  Some I've found on the reduced rack which in itself is a miraculous thing if you align with this belief that somehow I "chose" the right fruit with the seeds that have the souls that I have that arrangement with.

In this, I find great GREAT satisfaction, wonder, and pride.  If I have made these many many contracts or plans, then I can celebrate in the knowledge that I'm doing what I said I'd do .... something I haven't always done but try to now live by.  

I have now germinated and grow:

Avocado pitts

Mango pitts

Grapefruit seeds  

Lemon seeds  

Orange seeds  

Blood Orange seeds   

Cumquat seeds  

Prickly Pair Cactus seeds  

Dragon Fruit (cactus) seeds 

Date pitts  

Passion Fruit seeds  

Loquat seeds  

Most of these still grow, gaining knowledge and expanding their own consciousness day by day.  Could this soul and the time it spends living with me, creep it closer to graduating into higher 2nd density and speed its growth into 3rd?   Possibly!!  Ra states that some pets do indeed experience this because of us and what we teach them and allow them to experience while here.

There is another reason though for realizing this.  I often feel guilt and sadness when one of these small trees/plants dies.  Yet even in death, can they see how much further they've "grown" in this incarnation ... thanks to me.  

And this helps me feel happiness and yes, pride where guilt and loss was once felt, encouraging me to do more. 

Sunday 11 February 2024

Depression as a Disease of Inflammation & How Diet Changes Help -- My Personal Experience.


Today marks 7 days without sugar in my coffee.  It's a different experience for sure but one I'm begin to really enjoy.

This morning while drinking my bullet coffee cuppa, I found my taste buds seeking the sweet but in the absence, finding new flavours.

I find it fascinating where we taste things in our mouths.  The sugar buds must be up front on the tongue while the deeper flavour buds are on the back and rear sides of the tongue.

Either way, there is something happening here with my mindset, my outlook, my thinking.  

I've had depression my whole life and tried so very many things.  

There's a strong theory that depression is brain inflammation so, by eliminating the inflammatory foods, one can literally change their brain and the subsequent thinking that it does.

I was in a dark place last week and the week prior.  I mean, it's hard to live here when you know even a smidge of the truth.  But with friends and theories to keep me working for the betterment, I made it back around to be hopeful again.  

I can always tell when I'm on the good side when Ima Chatty-Cathy at the grocery store.  Yesterday I had a full on discussion with a man about meat and vegetables and their inflammatory possibilities.  As it turns out he's a Cannabis patient as well.  In discussing this amazing plant, I told him about CBD helping diabetic neuropathy.  He said his good friend has that and he's going to urge her to try CBD oil with a little bit of low THC.  I suggested she buy two bottles so she herself can control the ratio right from the beginning.    

He said I renewed his hope in the plant and its possibilities.  As we walked out of the store together, I felt so good about myself.  Being the one to constantly talk about this new-old and often misunderstood plant, I've learned that not all like to hear what you're saying.  But I'm back to unapologetically talking about it because if I can help someone --just one person, then I will not let anyone stop me.

Strive to feel that every single day.

I love you!

Saturday 10 February 2024

Deep Thoughts on the Canadian Mental Wealthcare Industry.


Healthcare has come a long way baby but has the distance been a betterment?

I don't think so.

In my country we have housing for those with serious mental health issues that is basically solitary confinement.  We're expecting these people to live a life alone, many fighting voices and arguing with energy all day long.  A good smudging is needed but the healthcare industry definitely doesn't believe in the woo woo--even though it has been proven that smudging with certain dried plant materials does indeed "clean" a space of impurities in the air.

How can someone in this situation deal with the triggers of addiction or drug use that pulls them out of their loneliness?

Triggers can manifest out of memories, smells, tastes, suggestions and so much more.  It's often out of a person's control leading them to fear tv, interactions with others and simply living life.

Schizophrenia is one that is very difficult to treat.  There is a study--likely several by now--stating that from a side effect perspective, Cannabis Indica is a better medication than the commonly used Schizophrenic drugs.  These are heavily sedative drugs that lower one's energy, one's interest in food, water, life. They deaden the thoughts, the desires, the urges that keep us curious. It is very common for those taking these meds to desire to feel again and meth gives them more than they can handle--not that they know that before first puff.  Can you imagine taking a medication that hinders your ability to even pleasure yourself?  No wonder they use. 

Side effects from their cocktail of contraindicating pills swiftly does a number on a person's gastrointestinal system but no one even considers probiotics.  Or even food as medicine where cheese, rice, or bran might assist in regulating bm's. 

That fucking DIN or drug identification number is a false prophet, a safety net with giant holes in it, and a grrrrreat pocket liner.  

Physicians today rely on this DIN to protect them while prescribing. But is it really pushing health?  

I wish I wish I wish we lived in a world where one could help another without fear of .... well, without fear.   If this particular person were my brother for instance, I'd work with him on a diet that feeds and nourishes his body and brain.  I'd get him on pro and prebiotics, drinking Kombucha, eating fermented anything to assist his gut.  90% of our serotonin is made in the gut so FEEDING THE GUT helps depression and all other neurological issues.  

Meh, what's food eh?  Food is medicine, though not in the eyes of our healthcare system.  In the words of the smartest man I'll ever know, my Daddy, "hospital food is NOT fit for human consumption!".

I'd make him Cannabis oil with high high indica CBD flowers and yes, some flowers with low THC as well.  I'd know that I would have to adjust this oil as his endocannabinoid system learns how to use what nature has so generously provided.  I would incorporate other herbs as well that are proven to help calm and regulate the nervous system.  

Of course, this whole post is happening because of one particular person that I have resigned myself to show love to.  Being angry at him did not improve my existence. We hadn't spoken in months and then just did last week.  I realize that we are more alike than different, something many of us will soon realize if they don't already.

We live in this world and all around us we see struggle and strife but helping can be seen as risky.  So is driving your car, taking mandated gene therapy treatments and so is eating bugs.

Risk is everywhere.  I refuse to let it harden me.

LOVE is a verb.  Use it yo!  

I love YOU and am here to help in any way I can.