Thursday 29 April 2021

My Evolution From Angst to Awakening

 ** This post is dedicated to the Spirits guiding this unity and to ....
Sue Letwin of Indicapable for being exactly what I need in a fellow seeker, friend, sister.

Trevor Millar for literally putting the documentary "Finding Joe" in my lap.

Rebecca Short for confirming what I knew all this time & for giving us all permission to believe.

Today is the first day of my higher frequency & positive life.

A visual came showing me that I have been literally in the ditch digging shovels upon shovels of crap up into full view.

The thought was that if others saw what I see, things would naturally change.  

Ideally, I would eventually climb out & begin to do something with the shovels of crap I'd piled beside the trench.

But I don't because when I think about doing it, I get the krakken around my throat which makes me immediately want to give up trying because it feels like I can't breath.

Many years ago I named my depression--that many tentacled power that hides itself from view by internalizing just under my skin ready to erupt the second I feel the angst.

I see now that the Krakken thrives in that angst.

If angst were relative humidity, the Krakken would be FRESH as a 58 as we say at Boveda.

The minute I attempt to pull out it grabs on.

I learned yesterday in my Psychedelic therapy class that an emotion literally lasts for about 90 seconds.

In that 90 seconds of thinking that I CAN'T, the Krakken wins time & time again dammit.

I'm retiring my shovel friends ... and pickin' up the highest frequency I can muster until it becomes the norm.

Thing is, I can already sort of feel and see this reality crumbling.

I'm finding people ~ and people are finding me.

Unity has begun & I am finally following my bliss Joseph!

Let's do this 👁

Tuesday 20 April 2021

LOCKDOWNS Build Wealth For the Wealthy & SILENCE the Citizen Voice

Yesterday got me to thinking ... if this were happening in the time of the Suffragettes, women would never have gotten the right to vote. This is but one uber important example of how unity and pressure via masses of individual voices and bodies, changed history.

So in that thought I pushed on to current events & asked myself if this is a fair comparison. Is there anything happening today as important as the female citizen's voices being counted for political change?

A vote is important but a home is a human right. Without a home, could you even develop an educated opinion to cast a vote? Ask a homeless person when last they voted. Could you heal?  Could you build?  Could you grow?

Right now, Landlords and the LTB are holding eviction hearings for non-payment of rent.

I would say tenant rights are up there with the vote. We vote once every few years but we need a home every single day.

In big cities, gatherings of tenants have stopped evictions in a wonderful, heart-swelling example of humanity.


Ever wonder if our rich Politicians are doing this for other reasons? My city is currently in a housing crisis yet our member of Federal Parliament owns a rental company with some of the highest rates in the city. These are rates that could soon be raised but to do so, he must get rid of the tenants therein.


Evictions Ontario clearly illustrates what our Premier thinks of tenant rights:

"In late April 2021, the Ontario government is scheduled to introduce Bill 276, the Supporting Recovery and Competitiveness Act. Buried in the bill is an amendment to the Statutory Powers Procedure Act which sets fines of up to $25,000 for the recording and sharing of online tribunal hearing proceedings. As the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board continues to churn out hundreds of eviction orders each week, the government is moving to eliminate exposure of mass evictions by targeting tenant organizers with massive fines."  READ MORE HERE   

A few years ago my building experienced an above guideline rent increase. When I and others reached out for help from our local Member of Political Parliament we were told to unite, to build a team in solidarity. We signed a petition in the foyer because so few had internet access. One elderly neighbor signed in her housecoat and slippers, hooked up to oxygen, pushing her walker. She had to catch her breath before she could sign. I remember thinking, when I grow up, I wanna be that strong. She's now passed, growing wee greens up there with my Daddy but her phenomenal effort saves me money each month.

Please don't stop paying attention to your neighbors and the struggles they face. We believe the Landlord and Tenant Board is just but they are proving quite the opposite. The more you know; the more power you have.


Sunday 18 April 2021

The Why & the WTF In the Plannedemic, According to Me


For those still watching things unfold, are you noticing that those who are pro-reset, pro-lockdown, pro-pandemic freezing in fright ... are the wealthy, the high profile, the politicians, corporations etc?

Why would that be?

If you're unsure of your stance, look to whom promotes what & dig in to why they would promote it.

The wealthy elite see that with enough hard work & elbow grease, WE can succeed so they're moving the goal posts.

They know that we can gather & invoke change in regulation.


They know that we can educate one another to see the fraud they commit.


They know that when we are in groups; we feel bolder stronger bigger in all ways.


We've never really taken the preventions seriously & as people who work at home rave and rant about masking or non-masking, they do so with zero empirical knowledge--they don't know what it's like to talk with a mask on for 8 hours a day.

How about lunch rooms or teacher lounges?  Are all the teachers keeping their masks on?

To this day & for the last year, store clerks have been removing their masks the second the custy leaves the store.

Our local reps met and had a photo op without a mask on.


Masking has kept the cold down no doubt but honestly, they are more a tool of compliance and SEPARATION.  This is proven by the fact that a pair of underwear would suffice as a mask.

Think about how many people the average teacher or teacher's assistant comes in contact with each day.  How many go grocery shopping afterwards?  

Think about how many kids our kids come in contact with each day. 

Amplify it if you have kids at more than one school.  So now, mom and dad and both kids come together to smash bubbles only to get up in the morning to smash more bubbles together. 

<It's like when they used to say having sex with one person was having sex with all of their previous partners.  If the fearmongering is correct, the kids and the teachers should really by their own logic, be the ones getting sick>

But they're not.

And I know it seems I'm picking on the teachers but I'm only using them as an example in order to warn them of the ONE TEACHER PROVINCE OF ONTARIO.

What if they're allowing this to happen so they can justify at-home learning only with ONE TEACHER FOR EVERY PROVINCE.

Now that's a money saver eh Dougie?  

The demographics most affected are those that cost the Government & the wealthy elites who control them, money.

What if we have nothing to do with the spread?


They only began after the injecting began.

I woke up remembering this video of Billy & Melinda talking about how he miraculously predicted this pandemic & then ensuring that we'll all take notice during wave #3

Why the eff would they giggle about something like this?   

If the video has reset, you'll want to go to 6:43 to see what I'm referring to.  

Occam's Razor friends ... for me the easiest thing to believe is that Gates had a large part in this plannedemic.

Even my psychotherapist admits that many people have gotten very very wealthy right now.  Follow the strings that bind those people to your Government.

Galen Weston is no doubt wants the reset.

Why would that be?  Why would he want us to have less?  

Doesn't that compute to us buying less? 

It's that spreadsheet yo!!!  

Money out or money in--Robots don't cost a thang!

We keep blaming incompetence but it's all just part of the planning.  Even the fact that we accept incompetence has been engineered by donkeys in positions of power & by opinion surpassing fact and evidence.

I see this so clearly now.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

I Support Independent MPP Randy Hillier


I really have to giggle at the people who see others as not acting on their own volition when they do similar things to activists like Randy Hillier.

Everyone is blaming that one person and I get it. He's the one in the position of influence here but it's a little bit disrespectful to all of those people that agree with him to believe that they're zombies following his lead, dontcha think?

We're all really surprised suddenly that others have free thought, have the ability to dig in to the research and the studies and the narrative that's being pushed at us.

People like myself who respect and appreciate Randy Hillier are not following him blindly like he's a Pied Piper.  We take part in, promote, and defend his actions because we too believe what he believes and that is that we are being manipulated by the elite and the UN.

I mean this isn't a great shock considering that the country responsible for human rights in the UN is Saudi Arabia.  Honestly the minute I learned that was the minute that I stopped listening to or respecting the UN.

 Saudi Arabia cuts sexual organs off of their women so they are not an expert on human rights. That along with all of the other misogynistic things that they do and rules that they have are your sign that the world is upside down and that you should not listen to that authority figure.

Dear Randy Hillier .... Keep pushin brother. 


Saturday 10 April 2021

New Rule: Less Talk About Vaccines; More Talk About Canadians You Can Help!


I'm fatigued with hearing Michelle Rempel complain that Justin Trudeau has failed. As much as I have enjoyed hearing her see through his sunny way'd phonyness, it's taking airtime away from more important topics effecting Canadians.

JT hasn't failed the people he's meant to lift up.

He's doing exactly what the plan says he's to do.  He's following the messaging, complying with the planning as it comes.

I'm so so tired of hearing us talk about the vaccines.





-Financial Disparity

-Evictions, Renevictions, Corrupt, Complacent, & Ignorant Landlords.

-Mental Health disorders

-Rising Food Costs 

-Rising Medicine Costs

-Rising Real Estate costs --ya, that's not a great thing!

-Suicides being recorded as covid deaths

-Small business bankruptcies

-Seniors sleeping in shitty pants.

-Cancer patients not being able to get treatment because they're not as valuable to the hospital as a covid patient is.

-The conflict of interest that is MP Mark Gerretsen running a rental company with some of the highest rents in a city that's in a housing crisis.

There are many other things to discuss.

But those things don't matter to them I guess.

Dear Michelle & others speaking truth to corruption right now ... you're missing a huge opportunity to get more support.

Signed:  Sad but brave in #Kingston #ygk 

Friday 9 April 2021

Uninformed Landlords Are Engineering Tent Cities NOW


#Housing #ygk #Kingston #TentCity #Poverty #CityCouncil #HousingRights #TenantRights #LTB #Landlords #Evictions #Renovictions 

Another wave of life-changing housing issues is being manufactured right now. It should begin in a few months as wealthy rental property buyers convince existing tenants that they must vacate premises. In Ontario we have housing rules that favor the tenant; you just wouldn’t know it to look at the province. We like to keep these things secret. And that is no doubt for the benefit of the rental property owner.

The word “Landlord” is polarizing now, meaning emotion is attached to it. For me, the word drips with disparity. It’s about time we revised the term isn’t it? I have several friends who are Landlords and they don’t fit into the negative image. In fact, I know five LL’s and they’re all just basically washing money each month. They rent out their homes--many cut up into several units--for just enough to cover the mortgage payments each month. While in my building owned by one of Ontario’s largest rental companies, the twin unit at the end of the hall now rents for $375 more per month than mine PLUS hydro. 

We live in a province of opportunistic capitalism and because that unit had short term tenants, the rent is that much higher. Transiency should not affect or decide housing rates!

I’ve been pretty vocal lately--at times at the risk of putting a target on my back but this engineering of willful ignorance infuriates me. During last year’s eviction freeze and subsequent rent increase freeze, I put signage up in the laundry room. It was taken down four times until I spoke to the head superintendent who was personally unaware of both the eviction freeze AND the rent rate freeze as well. That’s like having bus drivers driving buses who don’t know the rules of the road. I learned how to cut hair 27 years ago but hold no license so I can’t work in that field. I used to cook and had my “safe food handler” certificate but that has expired keeping me from working in that field as well. But I could become a Landlord tomorrow. In 2013 our Prime Minister confirmed that a home is a human right so that means that those providing human rights in Ontario don’t require training to do so ethically and fairly. Gotta get me a rental property!

Is housing SO unimportant that we’ll let absolutely anyone do it? Feels like Wim Hof just wooed you into the ice water. This is a shocking fact. We have to become aware that the actions of uninformed Landlords who are ignorant to housing rules, affect us. Their actions affect every single one of us because financial disparity has side effects for the community it is in. 

For instance, some people have argued with me that as the property owner, a Landlord can do whatever they want with that property. This could not be further from the truth. To elaborate, this list is just a few of the things some local landlords need to be educated on:

-they cannot raise the rent as per Ontario legislation, freezing all rent at 2020 rates.

-they cannot evict you mid-lease in order to raise the rent.

-they cannot evict you without LTB approval.

-the only way a Landlord can evict you 'without cause' mid-lease is with a N12 meaning they or a family member will move in.

Every single day Kingstonians are having these very issues with their current Landlords. And that brings me back to education and the bus driver who knows none of the rules of the road. There is a case for Kingston to be labeled Canada’s Musical Capital. Typing that made me feel pride in this incredible city. But watching this new housing problem as it is being created, I predict she’ll soon look more like a tent city than a musical city. And the renters currently having issues with their Landlords are the ones who will fill those tents! It was easy for some to visually profile and judge the tenants of last summer’s Belle Park Community. But it will not be so easy this summer. How many healthcare workers will be sleeping in tents this summer in Kingston?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and a home is a human right. You just wouldn’t know it to look at Kingston.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Beware of Weaponizing Your Honesty


Honesty without kindness is brutality & kindness without honestly is manipulation.






Tuesday 6 April 2021

Regarding These Shots: I Choose Me


I grew up with depression.  One of my earliest memories of having this thing is of hiding in the school yard away from everyone else because my bff Dina was sick that day.

I have worked so so SO hard to have mental wellness.

NOTHING about that struggle was easy as so many of you can concur.

Because of this fact, I choose me and my health.

I choose what's best for me. I weigh the risk and I make the decision.

I will not get any of the shots they call "vaccinations" no matter how much shame they throw at me.

I will never comply.

Friends with chronic illness ... imagine if your illness got worse. 

Why risk it? Why when so many of you have worked so hard and come so far why?

I pray that you choose YOU the way I have chosen me. If after doing your research, you feel that accepting it IS choosing you then so be it. 

But they want us to believe that we are disease spreaders UNTIL we are vaccinated.  

The shaming and the 'do it for your neighbor' pressure has already started.

People are dying after getting these shots.

I choose me & I hope that you choose you.

Shame is the strongest negative frequency we can feel.

I am now teflon to your shame.

Because I am proud to finally love myself enough to choose ME.

Re-Post: "Celebrating Charlotte: How Her Journey Forever Changed My Life" by Mike Robinson

In October of 2006 the sun rose upon Colorado as a young child prepared to visit us on Earth – Charlotte Figi was born 10/18/2006. Little did anyone in her family know that her name would someday be on the tips of 100’s of millions tongues as they speak about the beautiful Hemp and Cannabis plants and how they help everyone – especially the kids. On April 7th we’ll remember what she gave to this world on a date set aside for her.

Please continue reading on Mike's Medicines here .... 

Artwork by writer and artist Francesco Francavilla or f_francavilla on Twitter 

Monday 5 April 2021

Be the Change -- Stop Buying Disposable Vape Pens!


This is a disposable Cannabis vape pen and the battery that is inside it. These are deemed disposable now and have taken the place of the coffee pod and the water bottle as the 'thing' we use to destroy our planet.

Even if you think you're recycling them, you're not. They are deemed hazardous material & as such are not recyclable. 

And as if the plastic and/or metal pen isn't bad enough, the battery itself is a Lithium Ion Polymer batter that is RECHARGEABLE as well. I was unable to find this exact battery online but a friend sent me a pic of the .33 gram vape pen that he bought and the Lithium battery that was inside it. He states that with proper breakdown, this battery could be recharged as many times as a cell phone battery.

The way to be the change is to STOP BUYING THEM.

It's very simple.  Stop the demand and you'll stop the supply. As we all plan our floral, vegetable, and herbal gardens we learn about the soil. Most people seek Mycorrhizae which is the word for the relationship created between plant and soil microbes.

Well friends, Lithium does not feed the Mycorrhizae. It kills it. Completely.

#BeTheChange #ItsInYou #DemandBetter #SoilMatters #Lithium #Recycle #ClimateEmergency