Friday 22 April 2022

Finding It Hard To Love Yourself? Here's a Secret

 Before your soul energy came to earth, you decided what you'd do, how you'd look, who you'd spend time with etc.

This means that every single perceived flaw society has convinced you that you have, was chosen by you.

You love yourself more than you know but will soon learn.

Sunday 17 April 2022

The Separation Of Child & Parent


The Collective Parent was ok with Bambi's mom being shot, ok with cigarette & booze ads aimed at kids.  They were ok with Gaga using children in bloody photos in a meat suit.  They were ok with the over sexualization of music, movies, netflix, disney, every single thing a kid was drawn to was sexualized.

The collective parent is ok that kids believe Santa buys their gifts, the Big Easter Bunny gives them chocolate and that awesome Toof Fairy is who puts change under their pillows for a toof.

The collective parent said nothing about the fruit flavored vapes, the fruit flavored booze, the flavored papers and blunts.

The use of children in music, tv, movies, horror, marketing ads, the child used in a million differing ways.

But the thing that the Collective Parent cannot abide?

A person with a beard wearing a skirt.

That's too far, too harmful, too much.


The ice is gonna break.

The separation of child & parent is an age-old maneuver.

Be careful where we lay our blame.