Friday 13 December 2013

Quantum Physics and Pope Francis

In a documentary years ago called "What the Bleep do we know", one physicist described Quantum Physics as the Science of possibility.  Imagine that anything you can imagine, is possible.

I've been warding off negativity all morning after posting my hopeful thoughts about Pope Francis and his recent words of equality, compassion, and inclusion.   Perhaps Francis wants to become Patron Saint of Occupiers of the World?  What was his opinion of Bloomberg allowing peaceful protesters to be bulldozed out of public parks in the wee hours of the morning I wonder?  The same thing that's happening now in the Ukraine ... and the same U.S. authoritai is speaking out against it.  As though we all have amnesia.

I recall asking questions of my father and the nuns about the church as a child.  My father, bless his heart, rarely had an answer.  For in the days where his mind questioned these things, were the days where asking equaled doubting.  And doubting wasn't allowed.  Let's face it, the whole Papal mindset has been over the years very much like someone who is being advised by a lawyer to never admit or apologize for anything because admitting equals guilt.  Never admit.  Never speak of it.  Deny deny deny.  Was mayor Ford raised Catholic?  But I digress.  And out of the giant life sized cake comes Pope Francis .... to save the day?  To finally be the one Pope who speaks to us as his equal?  

Quantum Physics says anything is possible.  Could Pope Francis change the world for the people?

Imagine it ... please ... cuz there is power in our thoughts.  Just think many thoughts equals much power!

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  1. and the word shall set you free, not religion the word : )