Saturday 27 September 2014

An Open Letter to the Job Creators and the Business Owners.

Dear Employer,

I am your Employee.  Thank you for this job.  I am the person who makes sure your custies come back tomorrow.  I smile.  I thank.  I say, "Come back soon!".
I am the FOREFRONT of your business.
I am WHO the customer sees, talks to, orders from, and pays.
WE are a team you and I.
Like a wheel with many spokes;  ALL spokes are needed.

Dear Business Owners,

I am your Customer and I am your Employee.

WE are the same people.

WE buy what you sell.

WE can only buy if WE have money to buy what you sell.

When WE don't get paid a decent wage, WE have no money to buy what you sell.

Build the economy .... raw raw raw!!!


Pay us a decent wage all around.
Pay your share of taxes.
Stop cutting our hours.
Stop sending us home early.
Stop finding loop-holes that benefit you and not WE.

Share the wealth if you want to build the economy.

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