Thursday 18 December 2014

Stephen Collins ... the 7th Heaven Pedophile

I used to watch that show.  Jessica Biel was in it.  I used to admire the relationships that she had with her on-show father played by Stephen Collins.  It reminded me of my own great relationship I have with my daddy.

How is this man still free?  He admits in an upcoming 20/20 interview that he not only exposed himself to a ten year old, but he also made a little girl touch his penis on the couch as they watched television.

How is this man not in jail?

I feel simply sickened after watching a brief segment on the view with Katie Couric where she stresses that Stephen insists the last time this happened was in 1994, and isn't an ongoing thing.

How is this man still free?

And what makes me feel utterly sick to my stomach is that neither Katie nor any one of the ladies on the View asked about the victims.  Not one.

Are they okay today?  Are they still alive?  How have they dealt with this disgusting abuse?  Did that little girl go on to be friends with Stephen's daughter?  Did she ever spend the night again?  How did HIS SELFISH SEXUAL ACT affect her?

I'm writing this post right now, because I must get it out of my head.

Let's say that the victim didn't deal with this abuse, and became a super-sexualized teen and young woman.  Society, her parents, their friends et al would likely judge her.  They would likely judge her parents as well for her behavior, asking "where in the world would she learn such behavior?".

Stephen Collins made that little girl hold his erect penis when she was either ten or thirteen.  That was likely the first time she'd ever touched one. I can't bring myself to watch the segment again to confirm the age.  It is moot.

Can you imagine that?  I recall at 13 my girlfriends and I talking about sex at a sleep over and we didn't even know that the penis went all the way inside our vaginas.  Needless to say, sex ed in the Catholic school board is severely lacking.

This little girl was a friend of his daughter's.  They watched tv alone on the couch.

Does she blame herself?
Has she blamed herself for the past twenty years?

Our future actions are decided based on our past experiences, and in this case, abuses.

I feel sad for both of these victims.  Nameless ... Faceless .... Victims.

Stephen Collins likely feels better now that he has come clean.

How do his victims feel?

And why isn't anyone asking this question?

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