Saturday 18 April 2015

Copycat N!ke and Just Do It!

I sit here with this completed and partially edited manuscript beside me and dream of the day.  I'm stuck in it.  Stuck beside it.  I google for info and am overwhelmed by the immensity of it.

Dreams are good but they can hold you down like quick-sand.  They let you pull your foot out a little, just ever so slightly to give you hope, then the suction takes over.  Down I go.  So unsure.  And so sure.

Sure of what you ask?  Go with that!  The answer to that is wavering and changing on the daily but I'm sure when my book is published and I can hold it in my hands, I'll be complete.

Silly thoughts that bubble up out of my mental illness, my self-doubt, from out of all of my uber inefficiencies.  They come from every corner and in every colour of the rainbow lately.  I'm at the bottom of a hole I've dug to hide myself and just outside the tasks are piling up.  They build the height surrounding my hole til I can no longer see the day.

I must break it down.
Step by step.
Be like NIKE and just do it.

Step one:  complete the edit
Step two:  write a precis describing the premise
Step three:  COPYRIGHT ... only $50 in Canada!
Step four:  put ... it .... out ... there

I have to try to enjoy the climb as much as I'm so sure I'll enjoy the apex.

I'm talking about publishing my book ... but I could so very easily be talking about LIFE.

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