Thursday 25 June 2015

Dear Cesar Millan ...

On November 21 2012, you came here to Kingston, Ontario, Canada with your "Trust Your Instincts" tour.  Naturally, my sister and I bought tickets, and my parents won tickets through one of the local radio stations.  Their dog Rudy brings the newspaper in the driveway every day to my dad, so he was Kingston and area's #2 Smartest Dog.  That night was a profound experience Cesar.  I think I cried from beginning to end.

I'm a writer by passion, and an animal-lover too.  Many years ago, I said ciao to my furry best friends.  I had a Rotti named Sasha, and a black and tan Cocker Spaniel named Laya who were a handful of fun to say the least and the light of my life.  These were very special ladies, deserving of being immortalized.

I'm an aunt too, so I decided to write a book about my furry besties and my niece Madelyn.
As you know, children are natural leaders. They get it.  I learned this and so much more from your program "The Dog Whisperer" that this book is full of what I call "Cesar-wisdoms".

The book consists of three parts that are all timely in nature.  Part one discusses "breedism" where a wise and experienced Rotti explains to a naive young Cocker what this term means:

"As though she could read her thoughts, Sasha whispered, “That is a Pit bull Terrier Laya.  His breed was the most common one used for fighting.”  Laya thought surely her big sis was mistaken.  She watched as the grey and white dog lay calmly on the floor licking his own paws.  His eyes were half closed like he was giving himself a foot massage.  Laya noticed how strong his body looked.  His short hair showed muscles in his cheeks, his chest, and his legs.  She quickly understood that her sis was right.  Oh but still all she wanted to do was run over and lick him!”

 Part two touches on the need for pet owners to choose their breeds wisely, as many furry friends' instincts are ingrained and impossible to completely stop.

“Maddie and her mom chose a really nice place to lay down the picnic blanket.  Though Laya wanted nothing to do with it, her attention was at the water where some children were feeding baby ducklings by the rocks!  She was just dying to go over and kiss the children and chase the ducklings!  She felt it deep inside … the call of her ancestral duties welling up inside of her.  In her mind’s eye she saw herself jumping into that lake- only after her master’s command and scaring up all of those ducklings.  Her master fires his gun and dinner was theirs.  What pride she felt.  She leaped forward instinctively only to be brought back just as quickly by the tightness of her collar.”

And part three sees the family discuss the growing pet population and why adopting a furry friend from a rescue or shelter is the way to go.

“Maddie asks her wise aunt Tammy, “If the pet stores have puppies for sale, and the Humane society has dogs and puppies for adoption, are there really going to be enough people to give all the animals forever homes?” asked Maddie in between bites of her hot lasagne. 

“Well no Maddie, there really aren’t enough people for all of the puppies.  And it’s becoming such a big issue, that many cities are trying to ban the sale of puppies.  In the future, all stores will offer pet adoptions not pets for sale.”

Cesar, I have loved so many animals in my life so far.  I decided to include a few in this book.  
So every dog in "Three Amigas" represents a furry animal loved by me or someone in my life.  

Until you return to my fair city on another informative tour, I wondered if you would write a brief Forword or more importantly assist in publishing my book. I would be happy to send you the rest to read. To some, this seems silly I'm sure.  But I recall often a scene from one of your episodes of "The Dog Whisperer" where a woman told you she didn't think anything would help her dog's behaviour.  You told her not to decide the outcome of anything in life.
I hold on to those words every day my friend.

Cheers and many thanks!

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