Tuesday 19 January 2016

Gabor Maté & The Myth of Normalcy

Please watch this VIDEO

Normalcy is a myth.

Before the pills pills pills started getting pushed pushed pushed, those
of us with mental illness were more accepted.  It was understood that
we were different and no one suggested drugging any of us to make
us more like our peers.

As Dr. Maté states, the best place in the world to be schizophrenic is a
small town in Africa where you are not medicated, but accepted instead.

Nowadays though, it seems that we can't have 'different' kids in class
with the 'normal' kids.

So we medicate them.
So we sedate them.
So we zombify them with pills.

Inclusion isn't real if you're altering one side to fit in with the other.

We change their body's chemistry to fit in with the others for 6 hours a day.

Do we do this for their good?
Do we do this for the good of their peers?
Do we do this for the good of the teachers and EA's?

What about the other 18 hours?

Do "school-to-community" programs in schools encourage the
over-drugging of kids?

Is it time to create alternative schools that don't require or (perhaps even)
allow chemical medications?  Schools where the lunch menu is as important as
the curriculum.  Schools where being INDIVIDUAL is almost a requirement.

I think yes.

Stop creating the box in which to fit the kids.

Let them create their own boxes to fit into!  Even if they're in them alone.

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