Monday 8 February 2016

Dear Females

2016 may be the year the misogynists drown.  I hope so.

Dear Female,

A few things you should know:

When your date turns into "boxing match foreplay",
know that you have a voice.

When your co-worker makes advances that turn your stomach,
know that you have power.

When your boss pins you to the ground with sick sexual urges,
know that I will support you.

Know this also Females.

Misogyny clouds judgment.
Misogyny clouds perception.

They think, "I know better, You will like it".

They don't know they're committing crimes, 
they only know the urge in their pants has taken
over their mind.

KNOW that in this world of glam & glitter where breasts are
used to sell, YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS.

You are WOMAN!!! I wanna hear you ROAR!

Know that tomorrow, the story will change.
You will suddenly look like the one who wanted it.
But I believe you, I feel you, I've felt it too many times also.

Know that I support you
Know that I believe you
Know that I will fight for you til my last beating breath.

This is not a rant only for the femme.

This is for everyone who sees the femme as equal!!!!

Dear Female: I've got your back ... and after this weekend,
I know I'm not alone.

Thank you to all who fight the misogyny in our wakes.

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