Saturday 8 October 2016

Double-Standards Harm Society

I learned something sad this week.  I was speaking to an educated person on my city's addiction problems.

Did you know that every single over-dose death is reported as a suicide?
So does that mean Health Canada is unaware of how many over-dose deaths we see?

Even patients on methadone who try to catch a buzz or some relief with street cannabis are being murdered because the douchebags are lacing the cannabis with powdered fentanyl.

If cannabis were legal and sold in regulated shops, these people could continue on their addiction treatment AND enjoy some relaxingly therapeutic cannabinoid therapy.

Smoking anything may not be completely healthy, but life is full of unhealthy habits:

I can smoke cigarettes with 500+ man-made chemicals.

I can smoke cigars made with 3 different leaves selected for their high nicotine content.

I can smoke pipe tobacco that has chemically-made flavours, humectants to keep it moist, and antifungals to keep the moistness from molding!

And ... I can buy each of these and others in storefronts in every Canadian city.

But I can't buy the one smoke-able plant that by toxicity is still free from any historical death-toll.

Je ne comprend
I don't understand

I'm confused in both official languages.


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