Friday 7 December 2018

They Say Quality Cannabis Isn't Grown Outdoors

5000 years or longer the Earth has grown the plant.

But the plant doesn't need the Sun they say. The Sun hasn't raised her up a bazillion times before.
Of course she does, they are partners, mated for life & no other light source grows her as well.

The Sun partners the plant ...

The Moon has never eased her midnight worries, they don't wish for a meeting they say. But the Moon whispers encouragement in windy nights of premature cold. The Moon pulls at the plant
urging her on & up each night without fail.

The Moon partners the plant ...

The Stars do nothing for botany, just speckles of light above they say. Yet the Stars may be the most important outdoor aid that plantlife knows. Like wind-chimes, like hype-girls, like today's top 20 ... the Stars are entertainment on the nights the clouds disappear for even they are a part of growing a good life.

The Stars & Clouds partner the plant too ...

In the Cannabis world, some plants are lucky to grow wild & free while others suffer the woes of man-made lights & super sterility.

For each seed its destination is in the luck of the sow . . . . .

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