Monday 30 November 2020

Tips for Surviving the Great RESET--A Municipal Outlook

For once, I can see how being on the 8th floor is good.


I'm too high up for thefts.

You see, when things start getting worse-- in a few weeks that is-- your car doors won't remain safely locked.

>>I recommend you leave them open cuz getting car door windows replaced is a serious cost.

Those of you living at street level, get yourself a large dog & or a security alarm. Just don't expect the cops to come running.

Break ins, robberies, muggings will ALL become more common.

Honestly, it's a perfect storm.

Desperation silences fears, inherent societal laws, and the pack mentality.

The Landlord and Tenant board now states they will hear your case within 25 days. But only if it's a case for eviction of non payment.

Cases for other landlord 'crimes' fall to the wayside as unimportant.

Do you see it yet?

The Great RESET.


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