Saturday 23 January 2021

Trauma is Running the Show Right Now--How Safe Do YOU Feel?


Before the Viet Nam war the Water Buffalo used to graze around the Opium plants, totally uninterested in them.

But when the bombs began to fall, those same Buffalo began eating those plants until they were completely intoxicated.

Fast forward to today and the Covid-19 pandemic is being marketed to be as devastating as the Viet Nam war.

Humanity obviously hasn't learned anything and we still leave those in need to squander for themselves.

What's keeping our many traumatized, chronically ill, and/or recovering neighbors and loved ones from making their way to the Opium plants, the crack houses, that place on the corner that always has dope?

And it's easy to tell yourself that those people don't matter--those people don't effect you or your life ... but they do!

Trauma drives the city bus now--the school bus too!

Trauma wields a badge, tazer, and quota for arrests.

Trauma decides your health, your script, your allowance, your future everything.

So as the fear mongering--true or fabricated--ramps up, what's keeping us from saying fuckit and diving headlong into those substances that will take the angst away?

The buoys in the water are no more, the lifeboats only carry the already wealthy, the life preservers are only programmed to help certain humans -- not all humans.

Today is Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath day and tomorrow is Sunday, the Christian Sabbath day.

To those of you who follow a faith, I ask you:  what have you done today to walk in the ways of your Prophet?

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