Thursday 9 January 2014

Sex sells ... but what do I do with the blue balls?

Everywhere you look right now you see sex.   Sex sells.   We've known this for a while now and if you read what medical professionals are telling you, it's good for you too!   Sex is good for your brain.   It releases Endorphins which then ease all kinds of stresses.

Magazines show us how to look to get sex.  Clothing stores show us what to wear to get sex. Cosmetics counters show us how to make ourselves up to get sex.  And Pharmaceutical companies are creating pills 24/7 so that we can have sex more often, in less time, and for a longer duration.

Then I flip the page in the magazine.  Abilify ... in case I feel stuck.  Prozac ... in case I feel blue. Cymbalta ... in case I'm irritable.  Paxil ... if I'm stressed.  Celexa, Effexor, Pristiq ... who comes up with these names?

And the truth about these pills doesn't really take effect until you've been on them a while and you try to take your Doctor's advice and have more sex.  Or just have sex.  Actually 'intercourse' isn't the problem.  The problem is attaining the orgasm.  These pills make you try and try and try and you're so effin close ... to nothing.

How many husbands demand that their wives have orgasms?  I was married to one.  Wow what problems these pills caused for us.  How many men feel less-manly if they can't give their lover an orgasm? And how would it feel for the lover of the man who is on antidepressants.  Your man not getting an erection is an arrow through the heart to many of us.

Most or many antidepressant pills lessen or completely remove your ability to have an orgasm.
Isn't that the kicker?  It's a kicker because that means that I can't even masturbate to any success!

When you think about it, there is really no wonder at all that we have a stressed out society of people who are bitter, and unhappy, and at the end of their ropes.  We're sold the wonder of sex, then sold pills that keep us from enjoying it.

Sexual frustration will do that to a group.

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