Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Geometry and the fight for Freedom of a Plant

This fight for Legalization, Decriminalization, Repeal of Prohibition ... man so many sides.  From the macro view, one would think we all want the same thing eh?

But if this 'fight' were Geometry, how many sides would this "Polyhedra" have?   And are they all so different?  Don't we all want the same thing?

Infighting abounds ... ignore it if you can.

Ego, Greed, Narcissism, Recognition, Pursuit of Profit, Dreams of Big Money, Dreams of Adoration ... maybe these are the sides of this Polythedra?

If so ... SHAME ON US.

Cannabis is a plant that has been here since the days we crawled out of the sea.  We burned it, boiled it, or dried it.  And it gave relief to our ills ... gave rest to the weary ... took pain from those suffering.  Was it this early introduction that gave our human bodies these Cannabinoid receptors?  You and I have them and they only fire when this plant is ingested.  Receptors exist in several organs, bone marrow, brain, gut ... come on people, this plant was meant to be used by Homo-sapiens!!

In researching my above statement on receptors existing in bone marrow, I came across a study that concludes that certain cannabinoids have beneficial effects on even our bone mass!  Our moms could be eating a special brownie instead of those huge horse pills that end up making bones more brittle and easily fractured!  But alas ... those pills are so nice and white and sterile.  Surely they must be good.  NOT.

What if we are doing it all wrong?   We keep white-washing everything.  We keep sterilizing all the treatments.  Yet .... our bodies aren't sterile!   We keep moving further and further away from that which we came from, we keep taking what Goddess gives us and reverse-engineering it.  What the heck?   Soon they will modify fruit to no longer have vitamins ... they're already screwing with the Grapefruit because it naturally contraindicates several of big pharma's antidepressant meds!  I know this, because I gave them up for the oh-so-many gd years that I swallowed those poisons!

The Sun, Moon, and Earth needs no sterilization.   She gives what we need.  Your chemical "modern-day" medicines have only been around for a little over a hundred years.  There's room for both!

Medicine equals Profit these days.  Unless you have a heart the works properly.
Then Medicine = Compassion and Life and Thriving to BE.

This plant helps us BE better.

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