Saturday 15 February 2014

You in or out?

Are you in?   Or are you out?   Out with some;  in with others?   In with others;  out with some?

I'm out with most of my friends, but in with my boss.  Out with immediate fam;  in with most extended.

Am I talking sexual preference?  Am I talking a personal fault?

No I'm talking something else entirely.

People know me now as someone who has an opinion about all.  But opinions can incriminate.  And even though I know the evidence is on my side, I still hide.

If I were gay or lesbian, I wouldn't lose my job.  Our Human Rights protect that.

When I'm around friends and peers, I discuss it carefully.  I'm like a kid at Xmas though, I can't keep the news inside. Did you hear about the cat who lived pain free for 19 years?   Did you hear about the kid who stopped having over a hundred seizures a day?  Did you hear about all of the cancers that have been beaten into remission?

How about this?  Did you hear about the lady with major depressive disorder and how the pills zombified her?   Did you hear about all of the bad choices she made because of those pills?   The friends she shouldn't have made.  The things she shouldn't have tried.  Did you hear about the emotionlessness she experienced because of the antidepressants she was prescribed?

Those pills are great ... they kept me from feeling, loving, being, growing.


Did you hear about me?   I'm that lady.  I was sold the line that antidepressants work on us all.  I swallowed the poisons;  bought and wore that t-shirt for years and years.  But one sized pill will never fit all.  We are all so similar; and all vastly different.  No two of us are identical ... so why are so many of us given the same pill?

As each day passes, as each success piles on for me, I'm more out than ever.  How can I hide something that makes me SO MUCH BETTER?  WHY should I hide that?

I pride myself on being real and I attempt to keep myself natural.  So this being 'in' thing, makes me feel like a fraud.

I don't use those zombifying pills anymore.  I only use a plant.  The Cannabis plant.  And I have found the right strains to treat my ills.  That's right ... they're not all the same!

Isn't it a Human Right to decide how to treat my ills?   Isn't this MY BODY?   Don't I know myself better than anyone else?  Yup I do.

Fair warning to all of you ... when Justin Trudeau legalizes my medicine I'll be ALL OUT.

Being REAL is gonna feel real good.

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