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Whole Plant Cannabis Oil ... A Kid's Best Friend?

Update from Mykayla's step-dad!!!!

"November 18 at 8:21pm ·
So proud of my little warrior Mykayla. She has dutifully gone to her oncologists appointments over the past nearly 5 years with little to no complaining. She has succeeded on this path above and beyond all expectations, I know we give cannabis a lot of credit, but the credit is truly due to her, her will, her fight, her personal power.

She has taught me a lot about humanity and it has been a blessing and honor of mine to accompany her on this walk.

Today her blood counts were completely normal, just like you and I, this is something to celebrate-

#givethanks #Hero #fighter #BraveMykayla ✊๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™✌๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ…"

*****Bravery at any age.

Illness is a part of life.  A part of the part that states that life isn't fair.  And illness—at any age—is an unwelcome illustration of Mama Gump’s words wherein “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get”.  When a loved one is diagnosed, we always do the math in our heads, trying to figure out if their age is the typical age to get this or that disease.  But anymore, adult diseases now belong to the young too.  Cancers and tumors, Epilepsy and seizures … these are all-age venues now.  No mercy left for the young.

I know very few parents who buried babies in their lifetime.  My cousin Trevor is one, and a couple I was related to through marriage make the second.  I cried for hours the day they buried Jake.  My tears more for the family than for the wee angel in that wee casket.  As my mom told me years and years ago, the funeral service and the wake are more for those who have survived than for those who have passed.  The smaller the casket, the more profound that sentiment.

We all give to childhood diseases when we can.  That Leukemia box at the beer store always gets my change.  Hospitals like CHEO benefit from countless donations from people who have lost a child or simply loved a child lost.  Generosity flows freely to charities for childhood diseases.  We can all agree:  No parent should have to bury their child.

Yet I am filled with hope as I write this.  And not a moment too soon, as my tissue is wearing thin & wet.  I just met a little girl named Mykayla Comstock otherwise known as “Brave Mykayla”.  You can GOOGLE, TWEET or FACEBOOK  that name to put a face to it.  What you’ll find is a nine year old who was diagnosed July 14th 2012 with intermediate risk T-Cell acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  A big word for a nasty disease.

Here’s why I feel so hopeful.  Mykayla’s Leukemia is in remission.  She and her illness now serve a greater purpose of showing the world that Modern Western Medicine can successfully team up with Natural and Alternative Healthcare measures, as well as using food as medicine.  Her enormous and heart-warming smile is testament to this, because you can clearly see how healthy she now feels.

Mykayla is Oregon’s youngest Medical Cannabis patient.  And no … she does not smoke the herb.  But she eats it mixed in Banana Bread, and she drinks the juice from its crushed leaves in her smoothies.  She also takes a very concentrated form of Whole Extract Cannabis Oil and, as explained in the link provided above, it all “helps her to mitigate the debilitating effects of the Chemotherapy protocol.” In other words, it lets her feel human and it protects her fragile body from the damages and the side effects of the chemotherapy.   

It is crucial to note and understand that within hours of beginning this concentrated Oil treatment, Mykayla got the munchies.  Yep … her appetite and smile came home, and all traces of Leukemia took-a-hike within a mere seven days.

Childhood diseases are the ones that make us pull out all the stops.  If it will help the child; we will do it.  We’ll spend every dollar, pray every prayer, and promise all for the life of a sick kid.  When a child’s life is at stake, the sacred cow must be sent packin’ because no life is as sacred or innocent as that of a child.  Clearly, we as a society need to legalize and study the Cannabis plant.

So this got me to investigating other examples of childhood diseases being helped by this oft misunderstood plant.  After meeting Mykayla and seeing her health so improved, and reading about several other kids who attribute their survival to Cannabis, I had to know more.  Brave Mykayla is NOT the only child being helped by this illegal plant.  The following is an incomplete but tear-jerking list of children who are either being helped, healed, or cured with the Cannabis Plant and the cornucopia of healthcare products it provides.

It is my hope, that after reading through the following list of angels who are given relief by a plant that is still illegal, you will see that the prohibition of Cannabis is actively harming children like these every single day.  In fact, this post could have gone both ways, for sadly there is another list that needs to be compiled.  That is the list of children who have died while our Governments try to decide if a plant that has never killed anyone, is safe enough to legalize.  

Please do your part to share the information that backs up the fact that Cannabis is medicine.

Logan Ewell, Michigan--B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Cannabis oil successfully manages side effects from Chemotherapy treatments.  Read more HERE

Charlotte Figi, Colorado--Dravet’s Syndrome.  Cannabis Oil reduced her grand mal seizures from up to 300 a week, to less than one per week.  Read more HERE

Landon Riddle, Colorado--Leukemia.  In remission for 19 months... 13 months of which he only received Cannabis Oil. Keep up to date HERE

The Miracle Baby, US--enormous centrally-located inoperable brain tumor. Oil given on soother twice daily. Tumor reduced to such a point that in four months the tumor was gone.  Rejoice with me HERE

**NEW ADDITION !!** :-)  Liam McKnight, Constance Bay, On. Cda-- Dravet syndrome.  While plant cannabis oil stopped his 60+ daily seizures, leaving him seizure free for the first 10 days after treatment.

***If you have any examples or info about any other angels being saved by our plant, please leave a comment below and their name and a link will be happily added.

One Love We Are.

The youngest and by far the cutest Cannabis activist I encountered at the Champs Expo in Toronto.

Brave Mykayla .... kickin' Cancer's butt on the daily.

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