Wednesday 7 January 2015

Heaven Won This Time ... RIP Chef Guy

Five days ago, after my work shift was over I went in and tipped out my chef.  I didn't really have to, but I had made killer tips and I just felt like doing it.  I gave him $4 measly dollars. Well ... it might as well have been a pink fifty for the look on his face.  He stood up, and started to protest.  But I didn't give him the chance.  It's funny y'know ... I had never hugged Guy before that day, and never felt that he wanted to be hugged.  But for whatever reason, I didn't let that stop me.

I hugged him and I told him that I appreciated everything that he does.

"Everything that he does .... "

Those who really knew Guy know that he did so much more than cook.  Managing and leading the kitchen at Canada's #1 Voted Venue of the Year was a point of pride for him I think.  But he was so much more than that.

Guy was a gardening genius ... just like my folks are.  He was and they are special deliveries from Mother Nature to the world.  For Guy, every single season held it's own wonderment as each seed germinated, each sprout broke through, and as each flower bud opened itself to the world.  This is what I want to take from this loss.

But alas, energy cannot be extinguished ... a smart man said that a long time ago.  It can only be transformed., converted, changed.  Is our loss, Heaven's gain?

I vow to appreciate the greener things around me just a little bit more.
I vow to recycle even more radically than I do now.
I vow to smell the flowers and hug the trees more often too.

I saved a plant a few months ago, from a certain death and sent a pic to Guy.  He replied with such enthusiasm that I just couldn't help but smile.  Then he said this:

"Bless you for caring about the plants too."

The plants were not the only living beings blessed to have known this incredible soul.

RIP Chef Guy ... and enjoy the flowers up there :)

This flower is from the Hoya Carnosa Variegata Crimson Queen.  One of Chef Guy's favorites I think.  I will forever think of you Guy when I see this beauty.

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