Tuesday 6 January 2015

Should I Have Done More?

Coincidences happen on the daily for me.  It's taken several years though for me to notice them.
I used to believe they were random, used to believe they were meaningless.  Not anymore though, coincidences are one way that the universe shows us that we're connected.

My hunni and I have been together for almost eight years, and we still enjoy one another's opinions, stories, perspectives.  We were talking two days ago about the oil being made right now using Cannabis and how it's saving lives.  I mentioned how impossible it is to keep information like this hidden, and I went on to tell him an experience I had months ago.

I find that one way to get people talking about the wonders of the Cannabis plant is to simply post about it on twitter and facebook.  I welcome questions from anyone, and am eager to send you links and informative proof.  Now, as I've written before I'm from a very small town and growing up, a person always knew who partook and who did not.  There were a few peeps who could help you out, but other than that, pot wasn't big on the topic list anywhere in the area.

One day, out of the blue I got a fb message from a girl who grew up a mere 3 kms from where I grew up.  We rode the bus to school from elementary to high school.  We weren't really close friends, but this girl fit into the category of peeps in my area who did not partake in the herb.

Her message was short:

"Where can one get a hold of some Cannabis oil and how to use it?"

I responded as I do with all inquiries for this product:

"One must make it themselves and it's not that difficult.  Here's a site to check out CureYourOwnCancer.org."

That message came to me late October 2014, and I didn't hear anything else from that girl.  I didn't pry as to whom the oil was for, and I didn't get back to her with a better video showing her how to make the Oil if she so chose.  To be honest, I didn't really see any posts on fb from this girl either ... until just after my hunni and I finished that convo a mere two days ago.  I opened fb and there it was:

"Arrived home safe and sound. There has been many unexpected kindnesses up to and since the passing of my mom, I'm so appreciative even if I can't find the words to say it."

I felt like someone was standing on my stomach, as I read that post, exclaimed "oh no" and sat staring out the window putting the pieces together in my head:

The Cannabis oil she was asking me about three months ago was for her mom.

All I could feel for that split second was panic mixed with regret, shadowed by the knowledge that it's too late now ....

Why didn't I do more?
Should I have done more?
I never went back and found her a better video!  Would she have made the Oil and saved or even just extended her mom's life if I had?
Oh so many questions.
Doing more can land a person in jail.  It's happened many times already on this planet.

I used to think that when enough successes came courtesy of the Cannabis plant, the medical industry would change.  But if death is a mere statistic, then death by Chemo and Radiation is a commonplace one.  Too common.  Thousands of lives have been saved using this oil and this plant in it's natural form, but still Governments worldwide deny it's medical value.

Day after day I run into people who are dealing with health conditions that could be helped with the Cannabis plant.  There's the lady on the third floor telling me about her endless nausea, there's that friend of a friend on Oxy, wishing every day he could get off of them.  Just a month ago I was talking to my cousin about her 57 year old boss and friend who has pancreatic cancer and mere months to live.  But I don't and I didn't say anything to any of these people because this plant is illegal.  I fear judgment.  I fear repercussions.  I don't wanna fear anymore!!

So ... I'm putting it out there to all of you who are reading this right now ... got questions about Cannabis?

Let's hear 'em ... and begin your journey of learning about the most valuable plant God or Goddess gave us.

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