Saturday 16 May 2015

Cannabis Law Reform As An Election Issue

I've known for many years that I would and will base my election vote on the political party's views on legalizing Marijuana.

What's your immediate thought after reading that?  Please ... leave it in the comments.

Politics ... I used to see it as sterile and boring and far away from me.  Truth be told, I never cared about Politics at all until I started smoking weed.  How's that for a gateway drug?  It opened me right up to giving a shit about my people, my province, my country, the planet.  Marijuana made me think about that, them, it.  All of us.

And y'know what?  I am not alone.  One of the side effects of Cannabis use is deeper thought.  Please if you agree with this, leave a comment ... even if you simply put  "PPP"  :) (peace, pot, prosperity)

So I know that when I start talking seriously to some groups of people about Cannabis Law Reform as an election issue, their opinions of me change immediately.  Many think it's ridiculous.  But it's about as ridiculous as my mental health is.  It's as ridiculous as having Crohn's and having a day without diarrhea.  It's as ridiculous as not having to take opioids to kill pain throughout the day.  It's as ridiculous as all the wee Angels who are currently being healed by Cannabis Oil~seizures stopped, cancer cells killed.  It's as ridiculous as the BILLION$ of dollars in taxes that could be collected if we legalized, regulated, and taxed this oh-so-easy to grow weed.

Maybe it's not so ridiculous after all?

Dear NDP, Green Party, Liberal, & Conservative parties,

You have an opportunity here that you may never see again, and surely haven't seen in the past.  You have millions of people, myself included, begging you to let them pay you more tax.  You have millions of gardening geniuses who can grow almost anything, and who want to WORK WITH YOU making Cannabis the next big Canadian export.  We grow good shit.  You have others, myself included, who want to buy from you a license to grow a few of these plants for personal use the way we can currently legally grow tobacco.

I'm a tree-hugger so it pains me to say this, but Cannabis is a commodity.  People pay money for it. Even if you grow your own, you're paying money to do it.  Who is making the money off of it right now?  Those dollars could be in Parliament coffers thanks to one of you ... Orange, Green, Red, or Blue!!

Please re-think Cannabis Law Reform and start talking to get us voting!

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