Tuesday, 26 May 2015

We Have a Pedophile Culture

**warning:  possible triggers for sexual abuse/rape.

I find it difficult to wrap my head around what it means when people say we have a rape culture.  I get that rape can be used for control and power.  I get that rape can be used as a weapon.  Rape is happening so often now and in so many different ways, that we're immune to it ... is that it?  Rape is just a part of our culture now.  It truly is a sign we've gone over the edge when we take something that should be pleasurable, and we turn it into evil.

There are people who feel that early molestation is more scarring than rape.  I'm lucky to not have experience here.  But I will say that I can see and fully understand how molestation in all of its forms will impact how your brain perceives sex from that point forward.  Many people feel uneasy even if their minds have blocked the abuse.  Sexual abuse is scarring.  And yet it seems to be something that society and the authorities feel is easy to sweep under the rug.

Some recent examples would be Stephen Collins, actor who admitted in an interview with Katie Couric that he molested one of his daughter's friends.  In fact, that girl broke her silence in March about this.  She is 44 now and I wonder if she's been able to deal with this abuse up until now.  I wonder if it haunts her.  I wonder how she feels knowing that we basically believe that he's sorry and that's enough.  It's not enough.  An apology will never be enough.

A more recent example is Josh Duggar from the uber fertile and uber Christian family who have their own show on TLC.  Josh, the oldest son molested four of his sisters and one of their friends.  But he apologized so it's okay.  Or that's how it seems.  His mom says that the abuse gathered their family even closer~yuck~ to pray together for guidance.  And that Josh has gone through therapy.  Many believe he was young and it was innocent.  No. No. No.   I guess this one is still in the works.  Josh should be in jail.  Prayer and therapy isn't penance in any way.

And then there's Graham James.  Remember him?  He was a hockey coach who molested NHL player Sheldon Kennedy for years. Theo Fleury was also abused by James and wrote a book about it. James plead guilty for Kennedy's abuse, and admitted to Fleury's abuse.  He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison.  But sex abuse isn't a big deal ... or so you'd think as in 2007 the Canadian National Parole Board issued James a pardon.  He quickly left the country.  Now he's back ... amid more allegations. What will happen this time?  A harder, sharper slap on the wrist?

And of course, no blog post about Pedophiles would be complete without mentioning the ongoing, over-swept, over-denied, over-forgiven Roman Catholic Church and the many pedo priests out there who simply got moved to another church and another community.  I shame the entire religion for the fact that priests can't marry, and for the fact that from day one with Adam and Eve, the act of sex has been demonized.  This act that is supposed to be pleasurable, now marred for so many.

These pigs are ruining the lives of our kids.  Honestly, being beaten would likely be easier to get over than being molested as a child, and then being made to believe that it's your fault, or that it's normal. In most countries on this planet, the way we discourage people from doing certain things, is our penal system.  We believe that incarceration and rehabilitation efforts will mitigate future crimes.  Don't we?  I guess not in this case.

All I can say in the end is I'm so sorry to all who have been victimized by this pedo culture we live in.  If we live in a "Rape Culture" because rape is being normalized, then we really are living in a "Pedophile Culture" where even when pedos admit their actions, they go uncharged, free to molest again.

It seems we have a culture that will throw you in jail for not paying your taxes, but leave you free if you molest a youth.

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