Sunday 12 July 2015

Canadian Parliamentary Games

Rona Ambrose is Canada's Health Minister.  Impressive title isn't it?  One would think that an equally impressive CV and education would go along with that too.  But it doesn't.  In fact, Rona has worn more hats in the eleven years she's served under emperor Harper, than most British royalty!  She earned a Bachelor of Arts from University of Vancouver, a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta.

Lets see, she's worn hats belonging to all kinds of departments!  Rona has been:

Minister of the Environment
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Minister of Western Economic Diversification
Minister of Labour
Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada
Minister for Status of Women

Now that's what I call a "Jack of all trades".  Unfortunately for Canadians, Ambrose is a master of none.  She does though have the "stone-face" mastered.  Perhaps with the thanks to botulism not skill.

What is this sillyness we have in Parliament where we allow people into positions of authority and influence without proper education?  A health minister should hold some degree in healthcare.  A minister of environment should hold a degree in environmental science.  A minister in economic diversification should hold a degree in economics.  A minister of labour should hold a degree in employment laws among other things, and a minister in public works and government services should hold a degree higher than Arts!  And finally, a minister for the status of women should not change her views once she joins a certain political party.

Rona was involved in many action groups working to end violence against women before dawning any of the above hats, and ironically most of the non-profit women's groups have distanced themselves from Rona based on her staunch anti-abortion stance.  And yet, in 2005 Rona made headlines for saying that "working women want to make their own choices, we don't need old white guys telling us what to do."  Unless they're talking about our uteri Rona?

Oh but she's adaptable.  I guess that's what Parliament requires nowadays?  If you can read a script, keep your nose clean, and swallow all of your integrity you're hired!  Heck that beats any chance of higher employment around these parts.  To push paper at Queen's U I'd have to hold a university degree.  To assist shoppers at Home Depot, I have to go through a five interview process!  The real world sucks when it comes to job searching.  No wonder Rona does what the master tells her to, no thought required. Seriously, you ask her opinion, and she has to check her notes to see which words she CAN use and which words she CAN'T!!

Climate Change: never
Terrorism:  daily

I love my country fiercely and the last time I visited Ottawa and stood on the grounds of our Parliament, I felt a connected desire to protect her.  It was early summer last year and they were playing a projection on the great stone face of the building.  A single tear escaped from my eyes and traveled down my cheek as I watched with pride. This is greatness, this country of ours.  And we have uneducated dumbasses running the show.

Our members of parliament have a role to fill.  That role being to represent the opinions, beliefs, and desires of their riding and we the people.  Their influence has never been more important as stated in this article , "Some argue, and I also agree, that MP's have a new class of fiduciary duty to their citizens and constituents to act ethically, and within the scope of reason." Their role is not to simply regurgitate what the master of the day tells them to.  Each riding is unique, as each great province is unique.  There is a beauty and a certain comfort in knowing that my perspective is being represented in the big house where rules and laws are decided.

This upcoming Federal election is going to be huge.  Honestly, you and I are living in a crucially decisive time right now.  The outcome of our collective vote in October could leave our country crumbling further around us, or rebuilding what we know is still alive.  We are more than exporting toxic substances so someone else can process them.  We are more than dollar signs above murky polluted waters.  We are more than our GDP.

As Shane Koyczan says in his incredible poem 'We Are More' ....

"we are an idea in the process of being realized", that idea is FREEDOM.

Let's make a concerted effort to prove to himself and his minions that we are more and we demand more of our government.  If many hands make light work, then many votes can make us more again.

Please vote Red, Orange, or Green  :)

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