Saturday 4 July 2015

The Couch Activist Visits Kingston Artfest

I made my way down to the Kingston Artfest again today and am really glad I did.  In a world that seems to revolve around sports, it's so refreshing to see so much effort and substantial planning that went into this festival.  As I wandered around the almost 150 different exhibitors I just admired and waited for the ones that lured me in with their uniqueness and their beauty ... not to mention the talent involved.

I decided to blog about my 7 favourite exhibitors, in no specific order.  Here goes .... and pardon my poor photography :)

Artist:  Derriere les Bois~ Behind the Woods Custom Woodworking

My fave piece:

Why?:  This piece is huge, like the world.  For me, the colours represent the multitude of cultures. To be honest, I've been slow to admire the geography of the world.  It's a bit of an inside joke in my family that Di doesn't know where anything is on the map, and that she read a horse book all the way through Geography classes.

Check them out here at their site & here on Facebook & here on Instagram

Artist:  Wynne Parkin

My fave piece:

Why?:  The blue in this is just brilliant, and the brush-strokes give the illusion that the lake is very big.  I'm familiar with large lakes.  Also for me, the tree trunks and rocks remind me of Inuit art which pulls at my Canadian Pride.

See more at

Artist:  J.G. Fine Woodworking

My fave piece(s):

Why?:  Let's face it, wood is one of Mother Nature's most beautiful mediums.  The grain in these pieces is so unique that I simply could not choose a favourite.

See more at their Etsy Store

Artist:  Cindy Johnson

My fave piece(s):  Solid Bronze Pendants imprinted with leaves.

Why?:  Once again, Mother Nature's handiwork immortalized in solid Bronze is simply perfect. On my walk home after the show, I saw so many leaves on simple every day weeds that would make beautiful pendants.

Check out much more at and here on facebook

Artist:  Reenie Marx

Fave piece:

Why?:  As I walked by this exhibit the horse pulled me in.  I knew I had to choose it's creator.
Many of her other pieces were equally amazing.

See more at

Artist:  Iron Oak Designs by Cole Talbot

Why?:  The creator of this amazing work is only 23.  The rustic look of the metal work is timeless. Please check out his website.  This piece is also quite large and made me think of the 'tree of life'.

See more at

Artist:  Dawning ... Jamie Dawn Hanson

Why?:  I love these necklaces!!  Inside the balls is a puff of wind-born dandelion seeds.  She has similar pendants on her website with small peacock feathers inside.

See more at and here on facebook and here on Instagram

So these are my favourite things from the Kingston Artfest.  I'd like to thank the artists for allowing me to take photos of their masterpieces and present them here.  The show will finish up on Saturday July 4th so get down there if you can!

I'd love to know what some of YOUR favourites were :)

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