Thursday 24 June 2021

Sheltering Skies

**I recently found my grade 13 journal from about 1991 high school.  I really needed some Cannabis back then!  :)

From my mind float images of a distant land.
Wherein castles stretch towards the heavens, 
Yearning to gaze above the rising clouds.

From my mind float images of pulsing rays of sun,
Descending then reflecting off the castle walls,
In hope of someday tearing these stone walls down.

From my mind float images of luscious plants
Where from bloom ripening fruits,
Hoping to be the nourishment of some weird being.

From my mind float images of crying babes and beaten mamas,
overworked papas and brave sons and daughters.

Yet still the sun beats down,
Pulsing rays,
Descending then reflecting off these peasants' faces.

Like a dream for which my heart feels,
and of which my mind illustrates images.

From my mind float images of exotic beauty, innocently strange.
A distant land filled with sky-scraping castles and wondrous skies that appear to hold a heaven,
But that only shelter the eye from the reality below.

Sheltering skies,
Masking a reality that society chooses not to acknowledge,
But instead thinks of and awes over in dreams of far off lands that appear to hold a heaven.

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