Saturday 26 June 2021

Container Autonomy

Consider your being a container. This container is you, every single part of you. Your hopes and fears, beliefs and memories, achievements and failures, desires and repulsions, your deepest darkest thoughts. You and your container are ever-changing as its very nature is to be evolutionary. 

Sometimes when I take my container around other containers, I feel my container shrink. The energetic frequency that keeps the walls confidently intact begin to weaken and waver. When other containers are vocal about my container, those words leave gashes in the brick and mortar of my being. 

When I avoid those containers--as I have lately-- I feel my container grow and my frequency RISE.

Through societal influence and my own unique generational pedagogy, this Dianna container was built.

 (as was yours through your own experiences and unique generational pedagogy)

Considering that many other supposedly lesser entities are born and their containers put out into the world alone, makes me question the greatness of the human. Spiders for instance, require no upbringing-- no pedagogy to poison or traumatize. This seems like a definite advantage from an anthropological perspective.

For some, container dispersion and autonomy challenge us daily. The societal & religious pedagogy I learned by pushed familial container-unity as of foremost importance. The mindset being that if this unity comes at a cost, so be it. This is a sum-of-its-parts theory versus the value of the individual autonomous container.

Before I started writing just now, my mind took me to the biblical story of the prodigal son. So weird because that book and I are not really on speaking terms. Nonetheless, I thought about the son that left and the son that stayed. I've always seen the son who stayed to help his father as being the far better offspring. That is until just now. That son separated himself to build his autonomous container and that's why his return was so sweet.

What a confusing web we weave where we see the son or daughter who leaves home as selfish but pop the corn to watch the comedy that mocks and belittles the same who fail to launch themselves into a home of their own. This ebb and flow or rather this tug-o-war of feelings and responsibilities and duties keeps us busy in the deciphering. Exactly where we're powerless to see the need for change or the point in demanding better.

The containers being born today have generations of unhealed trauma stored epigenetically in their cellular makeup. That trauma is part of the very structure of their containers now, baked into the brick. Trauma in the foundations, in the mortar mentioned above. Trauma weakening the structural integrity by merely wanting release. 

However, I recently read that trauma is the best catalyst for spiritual growth. And so, if the containers born today hold all of the trauma then they also have the potential to hold all of the knowledge that that trauma can teach. Many of us are the descendant who chose to live this very life in order to repair the decades of generational traumas. I chose my family; the sum and the individual, ever so challenging parts. From this distance I can see why I chose them and what they built in me. Whereas up close, I could not. 

What if this contentment can only be achieved by way of an autonomous container? What if finding happiness requires that we shed our years of conditioning and by now, inherent ideas about so many aspects of life so that we can settle on our own. We're taught to work for the reaction of parent, caregiver, or teacher and become adults who never feel successful. How can we when we're looking for our own success to be reflected in someone else's eyes. Those eyes may not understand what you do or the value in it and that has no bearing on its relevance or value to the world.

Now that you're autonomous the balanced evolution begins. Adjustments to understanding are made as new evidence comes in. Free will but do no harm. Sovereign, your only urging is to create and THRIVE.

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