Wednesday 11 May 2016

Alcohol, the Most Commonly Used Home Remedy

I had a friend once who lived a happy life until she moved into a new town and soon realized that the man who had molested her as a child, lived three doors down the street.  Sleep alluded her, stress engulfed her.  She soon started drinking a bottle of wine every single night so she could fall asleep.
Each glass of grapey ethanol goodness muddied her memories until they were unrecognizable.  She'd pass out, sleep, get up, go to work, and then do it all over again.

I had another friend who's husband appeared to have two personalities.  The sober one was a reclusive jerk, while the other one that came out after two brown drinks, was husband of the year.

There are people in physical, chronic pain who wash down Tylenol with beer every single day.  The two together loosen up the joints, numb the nerve endings, and allow them to move.

If I could list the ailments treated with the home remedy known as ethanol, I know it would be a long one.  There are people who buy a bottle of medicine every single day, rotating from LCBO location to location, 007-style.  Of all of the poisons to addict ourselves on, ethanol is the worst to detox from. Death occurs often.

Thing is, home remedies are sort of frowned upon nowadays aren't they?  Natural remedies under attack and all.  If I were a capitalist prick at the head of Big Pharma, I'd see Alcohol as a threat to my income.  Yet, Ontario's Premiere Wynne has recently made this particular home remedy even more widely available for you to purchase.  Ontario Wine and fruit Ciders are now legal to sell at Farmer's Markets in Ontario.  Hmmmm ... have you been to a farmer's market recently?  The security detail is lax to put it mildly.  Quite often, booths are open at the back where theft by under-agers could occur within seconds.  What about the children?  Here's a list of upcoming Ontario farmer's markets in your area where you can buy wine made with 100% Ontario fruit.  My city has two sites, the main one being at Market Square three days a week this summer.  So convenient to buy something that statistically kills 50,000 of our fellow Canadians every single year.

Premiere Wynne has also given away millions in revenue for Ontario to certain hand-picked capitalist conglomerates that are now allowed to sell beer in their grocery stores.  So great to live in a free society where the Queen's students can get their chips and beer in adjacent aisles.  The "impulse-buy" is encouraged and likely accounts for a lot of sales.  Since when does a financially ailing Province give away revenue like that?  Are we sure she's on our side?

In addition to this, Ontario now has a brilliantly growing craft beer and wine industry.  She's even subsidizing wages for a few.  Craft beer itself is huge and regulation on alcohol content seems to be something that no one really considered because the last glass I had was 9% alcohol.

When the highest content beer I can buy in the store is 5.5%, and the Craft industry is producing ones that are 3.5% higher, shouldn't consumption guidelines be suggested?  Are those of us with our smart serve just supposed to do the math in our heads and cut the patron off accordingly?  Oh that should go over well!!

Oh, but it colours regions of our Country with flair and commerce.  Oh, but it's a cultural rite of passage no matter the detriment.  Oh, but just think of the extra tax dollars Ontario will earn!

Here's the thing ....  when you're selling shit that kills and addicts people, forcing them to spend their rent money on a bottle each night, you have to think twice about all the colour and all the flair.

Ms. Wynne, alcohol isn't good for many of us.  Many of us can't have just one glass.  One glass tastes like two and then the bottle is empty.  Did you do any research on this when you made these decisions?  Or were your eyes so filled with dollar $igns that you forgot about the health of the citizens you represent?  Or is that the problem, you forgot that you represent ALL of us.  Not just the capitalist pricks?

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