Tuesday 3 May 2016

Marijuana For Trauma ... Feels Like Family.

I just took part in day one of something great.  I went to the open house for MFT, the Marijuana For Trauma group that is going to help the Limestone City get relief. There are a lot of support groups out there, but this one has proven to me that the best ones see you shaking hands upon entering, and hugging upon leaving.

This particular support group was started by Veterans with post traumatic stress disorder helping others like themselves. Thousands of Veterans and thousands of civilians have realized that Marijuana eases PTSD.  Cannabinoids ease trauma.  For my depressive brain, Cannabis de-amplifies the negative so that all of my positive can come back to me.

Luckily for Kingston, MFT aren't only here for Veterans of Kingston. They're here to guide anyone curious about Cannabinoid therapy.  If you need help navigating the process of becoming a legal medical marijuana patient, this is where you need to be.  These are people who like me, realized a while ago that the pills don't work for us.  We went looking for something else and we found it in the Cannabis plant.

I spent about 16 years on various cocktails of pills for my depression.  I accepted the detriment those pills had on my body because it beat feeling dark and empty. Feeling nothing was better than feeling everything magnified.  I said goodbye to my orgasm, said adios to normal gut and bowel function.  I said goodbye to inspiration because I accepted the numbness.  Until I, just like the guys who started MFT just couldn't live that way anymore.  Six years ago I said goodbye pills;  hello cannabis.  My health soared.

Now the really great thing about this location of MFT is that it's going to be a full service facility. They see what I see: therapy for optimal health includes the full spectrum.  No one thing is all you need.  Self-care routines, exercise, sunlight, talk-therapy, love. Proper treatment for any mental illness includes a plethora of things.  So they will provide on-site counseling, nutritional guidance, registered massage therapy, support nights for spouses, and so much more.

Here's what in my opinion sets this group apart.  It's the intangibles here.  It's the fact that there's a cel phone number on the business card so if you need help at 3 am, someone will answer.  It's in the way they look at you, right at you when you talk to them.  It's the hugs they give.  Hugs that last long enough for anyone to know they matter.  There will be open mic music nights and there will no doubt be regularly scheduled functions so this network can re-group, re-tighten, renew the vow that they are a family.  Behind the desk will be a wife who will say to you, "this is what happened to me and my husband, maybe we can help."  In the rooms down the hall will meet volunteers who can assist you with paperwork, or research, or anything a friend would ask a friend about.  This thing that sets Marijuana for Trauma apart, is that utter sense of safety you feel when you're around them.  Like they could know everything about you, and still love you.

Radical loving acceptance ... just in time for that paradigm shift.

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