Friday 1 July 2016

TD Bank Funds Assault Rifle Manufacturers

Around the time of the Wall Street protests, there began a big push all over social media to leave your bank and join a credit union.  I was with TD at the time.  When I got to the counter and told the smiling clerk that I wanted to close my account, she just nodded and punched the keyboard.  I was so nervous.  I almost lost my courage to give her the shpeal, until an older man beside me asked to close his account as well.  I took that as a sign, and, with shaking voice I told the poor teller something like "I am closing down my account in protest of the poor practices and gross capitalism of TD."  I had rehearsed it as I walked across the field to the bank that day, feeling like maybe I could be a droplet in the ocean who's tiny waves push change.

The next day I joined a local credit union where a portion of my initial deposit purchased a certain number of stocks therein.  I now own a wee minuscule portion of my bank.  My fees are about a third what they were.  I was given overdraft of $500, and they helped me re-establish my credit rating.

I knew TD was evil like the others, pissing and moaning about potential losses and then suddenly posting massive profits.  I knew that they all profit from our need.  Our monthly shortfalls becoming their bread n' butter.  One transaction fee at a time.  But I had no idea that they were this evil.

I learned this today with my niece when we walked downtown.  There was one lone man educating people about this in front of the TD Bank.  (Brave~ you'd never do that in the U.S.)  My niece is a curious 13 and a nosey people watcher so she wanted to know what it was about too.  It seems that Toronto Dominion Bank led the pack in a June 2015 deal that gave up to $280 million in loans to the gun-maker Smith & Wesson.  These maniacs and feeders to the NRA, are the same gun maker that supplied far too many of the recent mass shootings.  And for those of you who believe some of those were staged, that matters none.  These rifles were used, means nothing to me who uses them.

And I'm not here to demand that any of you surrender your weapons.  I know there's a purpose for guns.  I grew up in a major hunting community.  My father owned guns, though he didn't use them much.  I had horses and believe you me, if any animal had threatened them I would not have hesitated to act.  I don't even have a problem with handguns when they're purchased properly.  But there is no purpose for any citizen to own or need an assault rifle in my opinion.  Their entire purpose is to annihilate their target.  These guns were made for war.  Regulation has to tighten in my opinion, and for my American readers, I know your 2nd Amendment is in your DNA and I respect that.  But even that mentions a "well regulated militia".

Here's the thing with me, you may be like this too.  There are very few things that I can control nowadays.  My word, my actions, and how I spend my money.  Our dollar is our voice.  For instance, I refuse to buy anything apple because of how they treat their employees.  I refuse to buy anything JoeFresh because of the poor Bangledeshi women who were crushed to death a few years ago, who's family got zero compensation.  I now refuse to drink Starbucks after they recently came out in full support of Mons*nto's fight against GMO labeling.  If I had time, I'd give you all links for these examples, but I don't have time.  My point is, where you bank is included in that little bit of power you have.  Use it.  Own stocks in your bank! Pay fewer frikken fees!  All credit unions offer similar products as banks and all report to credit bureaus so it's truly a win-win for you.  I just find that at my credit union, my detriment is their concern, not how they profit.

As the fellow activist I met today implied with his hand-made sign, TD is a BLOODBANK.
When I mentioned the possibility of blogging about this he looked skeptical.  Not all do this for fun I guess :-)  I gave him a card so he can check me out though and perhaps he would oblige us with even more info about this disgusting revelation in the comments below.

You put your hard earned money into a big bank and they use it for whatever purpose they see fit.  If
that matters to you, switch to a credit union.  Your dollar is your voice.

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