Monday 25 July 2016

The Squeaky Wheel

I've been emailing and blogging to my parliamentary reps
and my mayor for months now.

I wasn't sure if they were reading,
I wasn't sure if they were annoyed.

But I'm an over-communicator so that's what I do.
Well guess what?  That's what they want us to do!

I just got off the horn with my MPP Sophie Kiwala's office.
She appreciates my input and is asking for more.

If you're not in the cannabis law reform movement, it may as
well be a cult.  Media separates the users as though we're a different

But we're not. We are one. Unite!

Our reps love, feel loss, hope for the future too.

It would truly suck to be the leader hearing silence behind you.

This symbiotic relationship needs both of us to come to work,
to listen and learn, and to feel what each of us feels.

We are all crucial spokes in the wheel of legalization.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease ....

Raise your squeak, we can't hear you yet!

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