Wednesday 4 October 2017

Illogical Cannabis Pricing in Ontario

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The Government has come out with suggestive pricing for next year’s recreational Cannabis and it’s a choking display of idiocy to say the least.  Had there been a question on their legalization questionnaire about price, they might know that $10 a gram is basically full price in a market sector where the price scale has always been fluid.

By fluid I mean that almost all recreational Cannabis sold in Canada is priced to encourage you to buy more.  On most city streets the price starts at $10 per gram and that price goes down the more you buy.  My prediction is that the producers supplying the CCBO with the Cannabis will only offer it in the increments currently offered and thus will have a 5 gram minimum.  

In my area of Canada an ounce of good quality Cannabis costs $200.  This is the quantity most consistent users purchase and it works out to $7.15 per gram.  In one foul swoop the CCBO just priced themselves out of a large portion of their clientele.

Pricing a product above market value is not only shortsighted but in this case, it’s going to feed into an already existing marketplace of better priced product sold in smaller increments.  If you only have $10, you likely aren’t going to be able to buy legal Cannabis from the CCBO so there goes another large portion of their clientele.

In fact, where price is concerned the CCBO is sounding more like the Cannabis Boutique you’ll go to when you want to try something new or when you want to buy the perfect gag gift for that friend you’ve been saying should really smoke a doob!  But for the bread n’ butter pot smoker, for the cancer-sufferer making Phoenix Tears, or for the rest of the hard-working Canadians simply trying to catch an affordable buzz, there’s a good chance they’ll pass the CCBO and just meet buddy after work the way they do now.  My buddy used to deliver!    

Every great regulatory program begins with a first bill.  This is it and it will evolve but this display of utter ignorance to the reality in Canada is a bit of a buzz-kill to be honest.  I really thought they were listening.  I guess we’ll need to yell louder!

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