Saturday 28 October 2017

Your Cannabis Buds Deserve Boveda

A few months back I wrote an article about these crazy little Boveda packs that come with my Cannabis orders from a legal LP.  Fast forward to today and I  now promote this product to anyone and everyone who will listen because I know that they add value to my life.  If you're looking for other ways to stay up-to-date on how Boveda can add value to your life, check out and follow them here:
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Here's why I love Boveda packs:

Back in the day, smokers kept their stash wherever they deemed it to be safe.  I remember helping a friend tear off squares of foil to wrap one gram nugs in so she could ration her use.  Foil doesn't keep anything fresh especially not your Cannabis!  But as we age we learn and as our appreciation and understanding of Cannabis grows, we see the value in preserving our buds in air-tight containers or bags whenever we can.

Cannabis begins to degrade the minute it's cut down.  First to go is the moisture and depending on the aridity in your drying room, some of the plant's natural lipids will degrade as well.  Suspended inside these lipids and waxes in a structure known as a trichome are terpenes, aromatherapeutic compounds found in nature.  Terpenes are what make your Cannabis stink so sweet, sour, or as pungent as body odor!  Tests have shown that when Cannabis is left to over-dry, it can lose up to 15% of its terpenes.

Terpenes are not the only loss over-drying can cause.  As you may know, a few of our beloved Cannabinoids have an acid attached to them in their natural form.  The bond binding that acid to the rest of the molecule is very weak and so over-drying can cause it to break off prematurely resulting in a more sedative effect upon ingestion.  In fact, after the acid is broken off effectively converting THC-a into THC, even further degradation can then turn THC into CBN or Cannabinol and CBN is insomnia's nemesis.

Opening a fresh bag or bottle of the Goddess's gift to humanity is one of those really great moments in life.  Wouldn't it be great if the last nug of the bag or the bottle were as terpene-rich and pungent as the first nug was?  I'm here to tell you it can be done by controlling the relative humidity inside that air-tight storage container.

Cannabinoids and terpenes like to be kept at a relative humidity level between 58% and 62% and when kept there, your buds will stay fresh for much much longer.  Boveda is the leader in 2-way humidity control and they're out to keep all the buds fresh.  No bud left behind!  They've designed this incredibly effective pack that emits purified water vapor through a reverse osmosis membrane to parched bud while the saltwater mixture inside pulls in any extra moisture.  The fluid inside the membrane is as natural as are the plant products it strives to preserve.

I've personally been using my Boveda packs for many months now to give life back to some of that less-than-fresh producer Cannabis I receive.  The smoking or vaping experience is a step above when you can actually taste those natural compounds in your exhale.  I'm also now legal to grow my own Cannabis plants so I'm eager to cure my harvest with Boveda in a few months as well.

Cannabis is a valuable commodity and most of us will do anything to preserve it for as long as it's in our possession.  Boveda packs make it easier to do that.

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