Tuesday 25 February 2020

Seed Ordering, the New Antidepressant

Hey friends!  I am flying higher than Carrie Bradshaw at a shoe sale!

I just put 3 -- three -- THREE orders in for seeds!

Here are the sites for you check out too.

Richter's Herbs out of Toronto Canada

This looks to be an absolute gold mine of well bred herb, flower, fruit & veggie seeds.  They even
have a bunch of super rare seeds from all over the world that they've sourced in order to keep the lineages growing.  For any vegan or veggie friends, there are MANY non-GMO Pea and Bean seeds that you should check out.  I got two packs of heirloom Edamame seeds I'm very excited to grow.  Most of my growing has been on my balcony for the past few years but you would be surprised at the room out there.  And, I honestly just get such therapy out of seeing things grow that even when they fail to produce, I still love the process.

The seeds I'm most eager to get growing are various Eucalyptus varieties that have such amazing scent at every phase of growth.  I even got Honey Eucalyptus.  Most seed packs are under $4.

The Sacred Seed out of Toronto Canada

This is where I found my Peyote seeds and my Psilocybin spores last Spring.  They have many other seeds and some very interesting dried herbs that any fellow psychonauts may find intriguing.  With the Peyote and spores I also bought Morning Glory seeds which contain LSA similar but milder effects to LSD.  However I've yet to use them and have thus far only enjoyed them via their incredible flowers.  Sacred Seed has all kinds of growing equipment as well.

MagiCactus out of Mississauga Canada

Did you know that growing Peyote cacti is 100% legal in Canada?  They were exempt from the Controlled Substances Act because Natives had used them ceremonially for so long.  Until last night after I discovered this site, I only thought there was one kind of Peyote.  I couldn't have been more wrong!

There are around 30 different varieties to choose from with 10 packs averaging $8.  I also decided to grab some other Cacti types like Peruvian Torch and San Pedro seeds!  I've never been in love with the spikey ones but figure they'll be so cute to grow that I'll learn to love and respect their stingers in due time.  I'm also going to gift some of these seeds to friends and family in an effort to share this super rewarding habit of growing.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds out of Missouri is where I sourced many of last year's seeds including some absolutely incredible Lemon Eucalyptus seeds.  I may put an order in there again before Spring.  They offer free worldwide shipping which is truly amazing right now.

Here to help!

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