Wednesday 2 December 2020

Evolution of a Pandemic


It started with the Bat, hatin' on that dirty creature.
Then it evolved to the wet markets, the flea markets where people buy & sell food.
From the dirty creature to the sadistic human, that blame easily moved.
From the wet markets to the entire country, we now label them all.
Blame blame blame.

Over here, we're not allowed to feel that bigotry so we blame one another.
The mask must be on no matter what, who, or why.
Over regulation makes regulators of us all & so yes, we are all on the blame high-alert.
Now, differences of opinions separate us further.

If you or someone you love are in healthcare, you see all other opinions as insane.
Insane on one side
Correct on the other
Separate separate separate

And I am as guilty as anyone else on all accounts & more.
I whiplash myself when I see someone without a mask on yet I question the point of wearing them when there's no regulation on what you make your mask out of.

I just wish PEER REVIEW still mattered.
But now, not all Medical Professionals are being heard in the same way.

Separate separate
Blame blame

To all ... ALL Healthcare professionals, thank you for being the frontline in this.
To all delivery, transportation, food service, minimum waged workers and so many others ... I appreciate you.

Don't stop discussing this.
Don't stop talking.
Mask on or off, we have to peer review.
Before it's too late.

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