Monday 24 May 2021

Obstacles, Adaptation, & Rising Like the Phoenix


Did you know that emotions can manifest in body pain?

Ready for some woo woo?

My hips have been aching like crazy lately.  I'm old-ish, fell off wayyy too many horses, bikes, horses and of course wood piles as a wee youngster.  There's reason for my hips to ache right?

But what if this ache is caused there because it's the area of the Root Chakra where all creativity & a lot of passion resides.

I have plans that keep being delayed.  But am I subconsciously delaying them?  Do I fear success?  I fear the unknown & so, yes I guess I fear success.


regardless of obstacles.

Just had a thought.

Do you think the Butterfly sees the cocoon that's holding it in, back, down.... as an obstacle?  Do you remember the story about the guy who tried to help the Butterfly out of its cocoon by snipping off the end & making an exit hole for it?  It died because it NEEDED to be able to eliminate that obstacle by itself in order to succeed in its next steps of creating its new existence.

I made plans to write a grow journal with seeds gifted for this purpose by an up and coming seed breeder from Colorado.  This was going to be one of the first times his seeds were grown & monitored outside, under the Sun.

Obstacles abound & stigma has asked me to remove my plants from that property.

I was somewhat shattered at first but now, I'm good & over it.

If that's all you got, step aside because geography will not be what holds me from rising like the Phoenix the way I have so many times before.  

You better wear shades so as not to burn your retinas with my flames 🔥💥⚡️☀️🌟💫⭐️✨🌍

This revelation sharpened & ripened by this video & the amazing Star Seed, Jake Ducey.

Five Warning Signs From the Universe with Jake Ducey

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