Monday 3 May 2021

A Cool Exercise To Seek the Purpose of Those In Your Life

The idea that everything happens for a reason--there are no coincidences--is not a new one. For me it arrived in a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" and I read it about 25 years ago.

The dots are swiftly connecting now as synchronicity after synchronicity occur, something that I suspect will never get old. I'm personally awakening from yet another fall down the deep dark hole of depression but I'm back up again -- take that Krakken!

This time however, I filled my pockets with wisdom while there and as I slowly and tearfully climbed my way back out. I hesitate to say much more because the wonderment is in this discovery and my words could never ever convey to you the magic ...  yes magic that is now alllllll around me--us.

The people in our lives are not always in tune with our desires, beliefs, or mindsets. Sometimes we wonder why the heck we're in the family, group or community we're in.  I mean, I know I'm not alone in wondering if my parents brought the wrong baby home from the hospital!

Here's a thought I had and began doing with my siblings. This timeline is just one of many and it's miniscule in what we are and our entire existence.  To think that some of the people I met while traveling alone in Ireland and Scotland coloured this existence I call ME, makes me well up with purposeful tears. Purposeful like "rain upon the blinding dust of Earth overlying our hard hearts."            -Mark Twain.

I would LOVE to read your experiences and insights in the comments or feel free to connect by email.

Peace and love to you fellow Starseeds.

The Exercise:

Take a person in your life and, if you can, detach all emotion from the thought of them.  

Imagine that they're just a soul energy that you are living alongside this time around.

Then try to imagine:

1) Why is that person in my life?  

2) What lesson(s) were they here to teach me?  

3) What lesson(s) were they here to learn from me?

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